Develop smart business applications

Get custom-built applications with the features you need.

Specific business needs

As a small or medium business or a Government agency your organisation has specific business needs. To optimise your performance your business applications must be aligned to your organisation and provide the features that you need.

Applications built to need

At Equinox IT we focus on understanding your organisation and uncovering your real needs. Using Lean-Agile approaches we welcome your on-going changes and deliver custom-built business applications that fit the specific requirements of your organisation.

Reliable business results

We use high-capability cross functional development teams, who consistently work together, to reliably deliver the required business results. You will be involved in every step of the project to ensure that your needs are met.

What we offer


Business application development

Achieve business results with business applications that are custom-built to your organisation's needs.

Did your last software developer’s price seem such a bargain at the end of the project, after you paid for every change, delay and problem? Today application and product development timelines are shorter, more has to be done with less, and quality is crucial. Equinox IT is made for these times.

Using high-capability cross functional teams, who consistently work together using our Agile and Lean processes, we will reliably deliver your business application at the right time, for the price agreed and to the appropriate level of quality.​​​​​

Application support

Ensure that your business applications continue to deliver business results into the future.

So much focus is put into getting a business application up and running and it is easy to forget about the ongoing running and support that the application will require once it is live. With a dedicated support team who have access to the original business application development team, we are best placed to help you support your business application.​ We will help you with:

  • ​1st and 2nd level support
  • Resolution of business application issues
  • Enhancements required over time to your business application.​​


Host your business application or software product in the cloud or at your premises.

​Today there are many options for hosting your business application or software product. We will work with you to determine the best option for you, whether that be an external hosting provider or at your own premises. Then we will help you to install your business application or software product and ensure it works as expected.​​​

Agile coaching

Accelerate the performance of your Agile software development team with a capable and experienced Agile coach.

Equinox IT uses Agile and Lean approaches with excellent results in all of our software development and business application activities. Not only do we understand Agile and Lean practices, we have a depth of experience in what works best. Our Agile coaching service will help you to:

  • ​Understand and agree the best Agile and Lean practices for your software development team
  • ​Implement Agile and Lean practices and embed the change within the team
  • Set up Agile engineering practices within Visual Studio and TFS
  • Establish appropriate software development automation to support short cycle times.​

Visual Studio / TFS implementation and configuration

Equinox IT is New Zealand's only Microsoft Gold partner for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). We have expertise in Visual Studio and TFS, and we can help you to get the best results from these technologies.

We will work with you to:

  • ​Improve your software development processes
  • Deploy Visual Studio and TFS
  • Setup Visual Studio and TFS process templates
  • Automate suitable development process activities.​

Java environment implementation and configuration

Get the most from your Java development environment with correct implementation and tailored configuration.

Equinox IT has expertise in Java development environment tools and practices. We will work with you to:

  • Improve your software development processes​
  • Deploy suitable Java and open source tools
  • Setup Java and open source tools
  • Automate suitable development process activities.

Code review

Improve the quality of your software and confirm that your needs are being met.

Not all software code is equal. Poor software code is costly to maintain and will lead to ongoing problems and risks with your software. Vendors, suppliers and project teams will often not own up to poor software practices and code. You need someone in your camp who is independent and objective, who can provide an impartial and expert review of software code to provide​ assurance that your needs are being met.​


System visualisation

See it, try it and test it before it's built. Visualise systems that work just like a fully developed solution, but with no investment in code.

Have you ever had to sign-off a large text-based requirements document with no real understanding of whether these requirements would meet your business needs? With no investment in code, Equinox IT can work with you to visualise systems that work just like a fully developed solution. Use the system, confirm it meets your needs, before you pay to have the system built.​​

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