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Turn your idea into a great software product.

You have an idea

You have an idea or research that you want to commercialise as a software product. You know your idea, you're an expert in your field, but you need assistance to create a software product that you can take from concept to cash quickly and effectively.

We have software experts

Equinox IT are experts in software product development. Using high-capability teams, Lean Startup and Lean Canvas concepts, and proven Lean-Agile development approaches, we will work with you to deliver a product that your market will pay money to use.

Product success together

Great product ideas go nowhere without great software execution. Working together we can help you to turn your idea into a successful software product, that delivers the highest customer value with no waste on features your market does not want.

What we offer


Idea validation

Validate that your market will pay for your product before you invest.

Before we develop your product we will test and validate your idea with your target market, ensuring your critical investment funding is used on the features that your market will pay for.​ We will do this using:

  • ​​Product landing pages
  • Minimum viable product approaches
  • Customer interviews
  • Validated learning techniques.​

Product development

Develop your product using lean approaches and market validation to minimise the waste and maximise the return on your investment.

Creating compelling software products that fulfil your market's needs is difficult. We are leaders in software development. But more importantly we use approaches to ensure that what we develop is continuously validated against the market, using shorter and shorter cycles of 'build - measure - learn'. We are interested in building software products that we know your market will pay money to buy, not products that seem like a good idea.​​


Host your business application or software product in the cloud or at your premises.

​Today there are many options for hosting your business application or software product. We will work with you to determine the best option for you, whether that be an external hosting provider or at your own premises. Then we will help you to install your business application or software product and ensure it works as expected.​​​

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