Delivering project results

IT projects are delivered by people, and we have some of the best people available. When you select an Equinox IT specialist on your project you get an experienced expert and leader who will help your project to succeed. They bring with them access to our approaches and shared knowledge to help you deliver outstanding project results.

We help you...

Get the best people on your project

Our project specialists have expertise in business analysis, architecture, project management, test management, performance testing, and software development.

Manage the successful delivery of your project

Given the broad experience of our project managers we can often execute the standard project management services and also contribute suitable technical awareness to help shape the project for successful delivery.

Lead key activities on your project

With expertise in requirements management, architecture, performance testing and software development we can help you lead these important activities that play an important role in project success.

Solve project issues

With some of the world’s best trouble shooters and problem solvers we will work with you to identify and resolve any business and technology issues with your projects, helping you to deliver successfully.