Improve your approach

We know that agile and lean software development approaches are easy to understand but hard to make work in practice. Unfortunately, many agile coaches are not effective here because often they understand the concepts but are not software development team practitioners with experience making these concepts work. Equinox IT has been running agile and lean projects for many years with great success. We offer you not agile consultants or coaches, but practitioners and development manager peers who use agile and lean approaches daily and will help you to successfully improve the development approaches in your organisation.

We are New Zealand's only Microsoft Gold Partner for the application lifecycle management competency.

We help you...

Identify issues with your current development approach

Using practising software development managers and team members, we will understand your business needs and assess your current software development approach to identify any issues constraining your ability to meet these needs.

Discover better development approaches

We will work with you to put together recommended new approaches to help you develop software in a way that better meets the needs of your organisation.

Successfully adopt new development approaches

Our practising software development managers and team members will work directly with your software development teams on your projects to embed and ingrain the new ways of working, dodging common traps in the process.