Achieving more

Whether you are a large Government organisation or a smaller commercial company, technology is central to everything you do. Today's most successful organisations focus on achieving the best results from their technology platforms. Our services will help you to make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls with your technology.

We help you...

Look after your technology interests

IT vendors, suppliers and teams often are not independent and can have hidden agendas. We will operate as an independent, trusted expert to provide technology advice, identify risks, review deliverables and protect your investment. 

Ensure your critical systems perform

As New Zealand’s leading system performance experts we will test your critical business systems to confirm that they deliver the stability, capacity and response times required to manage business and reputational risk. We will diagnose performance problems and help facilitate the resolution of those problems.

Identify your technology risks

Technology issues can significantly impact your business – loss of service, unhappy customers and media attention. We will work with you to assess and mitigate architectural and performance risks associated with your important business systems and technology.

Make great technology decisions

Today you have too many technology choices, and this can lead to indecision, delayed delivery and unsatisfactory results. We will help you to work through the appropriate technology choices to select the best option for your organisation.

Architect your technology and business systems

We will work with you to design software, architect solutions and plan infrastructure, so that your technology meets your needs both today and into the future.

Manage the delivery of technology results

We will help you implement IT governance approaches to establish clear accountability and decision making to ensure that required technology results are delivered.