Get the most from your technology

Make technology a strategic asset in your organisation.

Technology is ubiquitous

Whether you are a large Government organisation or a smaller commercial company, technology is central to everything you do. Today's most successful organisations focus on achieving the best results from their digital technology platforms.

Make technology an asset

You want to treat technology as a strategic asset in your organisation. We know this requires effective decision making and ongoing investment. Our technology services help you to make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls with your technology assets.

Results for your business

We never lose sight of your real reason for treating technology as a strategic asset - to generate business success. We sponsor the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) to ensure our advice delivers outstanding business results.

What we offer


Independent quality assurance

Get trusted experts in your camp to provide technology advice, look after your interests and protect your investment.

Your vendors, suppliers and IT teams are often not independent. They are influenced by the products they want you to buy, the decisions they need to justify, and the outcomes they want to look good. When you use a vendor, supplier or IT team to deliver a technology project you need someone in your camp who is independent and objective, who can give you impartial expert advice.​​ The Equinox IT independent quality assurance service will help you to:

  • ​Objectively identify the real project and technical risks
  • Review vendor, supplier or IT team deliverables
  • ​Independently advise on decisions
  • Provide​ assurance that your needs are being met.​​​​

Performance monitoring

Monitor your key business systems to ensure that they perform as required.

​Your business systems are critical to the successful operations of your organisation. Just like any other asset, you should monitor these systems to ensure that they continuously provide the performance that you require. Our performance monitoring service will audit the stability, capacity and response times of your systems, providing a safeguard against performance issues.​​

Performance testing

Test your key business systems to confirm that they will deliver the required stability, capacity and response times.

Equinox IT has some of the world's best performance problem solvers with considerable experience and expertise in managing performance risk and issues. Engage our performance testing service early and we will help you deliver systems that are stable, have the right hardware capacity and meet your required response times.​ Our performance testing activities include:

  • ​Careful workload analysis
  • Selecting the most suitable performance testing tools
  • Performance test script development and execution
  • Presenting performance test results and recommendations.​

Technology options analysis

Make the best technology decisions for your organisation.

Today you have too many technology choices. This can lead to 'analysis paralysis', delayed delivery and unsatisfactory business results. Equinox IT will help you to systematically work through the appropriate technology choices to select the best option for your organisation.​ We do this by:

  • ​​Modelling your business and understanding your strategic intent
  • Researching, identifying and analysing suitable technology options
  • Providing a systematic approach for assessing the best option
  • Helping you select the preferred technology option.​

Technology risk assessment

Understand and mitigate the architectural and performance risks of your technology.

​Your business systems are critical to the successful operations of your organisation. When they do not work as planned, you could face loss of service, security breaches, unhappy customers and unwanted media attention.​ We will work with you to:

  • Investigate your business systems and technology platforms
  • ​Identify architectural and performance risks
  • Recommend risk mitigation approaches​​

Solution and infrastructure architecture

Architect your technology platforms and business systems to address your current and future business problems.

We offer a range of solution architecture services including:

  • System architecture
  • Infrastructure and network architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Performance architecture
  • Software design.​​

IT governance

Establish clear accountability and decision making for your core IT assets to ensure these deliver the required results in your business. ​​​The Equinox IT governance services will help you to implement an IT governance approach using proven frameworks.​


Feasibility studies

Before you invest, know that the business and technology changes that you are planning are achievable and will deliver the required business results.

We address the root causes behind your business and technology change to confirm the change is achievable and will deliver the expected return on investment.​ We will help you to:

  • ​Confirm proposed business and technology change is achievable
  • Prove technology and platform compatibility
  • Ensure ROI is optimised
  • Confirm skilled workers are available
  • Be aware of the constraints and risks​.​​​

Agile coaching

Accelerate the performance of your Agile software development team with a capable and experienced Agile coach.

Equinox IT uses Agile and Lean approaches with excellent results in all of our software development and business application activities. Not only do we understand Agile and Lean practices, we have a depth of experience in what works best. Our Agile coaching service will help you to:

  • ​Understand and agree the best Agile and Lean practices for your software development team
  • ​Implement Agile and Lean practices and embed the change within the team
  • Set up Agile engineering practices within Visual Studio and TFS
  • Establish appropriate software development automation to support short cycle times.​

Visual Studio / TFS implementation and configuration

Equinox IT is New Zealand's only Microsoft Gold partner for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). We have expertise in Visual Studio and TFS, and we can help you to get the best results from these technologies.

We will work with you to:

  • ​Improve your software development processes
  • Deploy Visual Studio and TFS
  • Setup Visual Studio and TFS process templates
  • Automate suitable development process activities.​

Java environment implementation and configuration

Get the most from your Java development environment with correct implementation and tailored configuration.

Equinox IT has expertise in Java development environment tools and practices. We will work with you to:

  • Improve your software development processes​
  • Deploy suitable Java and open source tools
  • Setup Java and open source tools
  • Automate suitable development process activities.

Code review

Improve the quality of your software and confirm that your needs are being met.

Not all software code is equal. Poor software code is costly to maintain and will lead to ongoing problems and risks with your software. Vendors, suppliers and project teams will often not own up to poor software practices and code. You need someone in your camp who is independent and objective, who can provide an impartial and expert review of software code to provide​ assurance that your needs are being met.​


System visualisation

See it, try it and test it before it's built. Visualise systems that work just like a fully developed solution, but with no investment in code.

Have you ever had to sign-off a large text-based requirements document with no real understanding of whether these requirements would meet your business needs? With no investment in code, Equinox IT can work with you to visualise systems that work just like a fully developed solution. Use the system, confirm it meets your needs, before you pay to have the system built.​​

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