Hiding columns on a VSTS sprint board

by Adam Knight on 14/11/2017 10:30

In my blog post Changing columns on a VSTS sprint board I was asked the following question in the comments:

"I added my custom states to my Task work item and they're showing up on the sprint board, but the Active and Resolved columns are also showing, even though I hid the Active state in the workflow. Is there something else I need to do to hide the Active and Resolved columns on the sprint board?"

I address this question in this post.

The columns will show up if _any_ item that can be on the board uses them, for example if you have Bugs that may appear on that board that have Resolved and Active states.  (Bugs is the likely culprit, because they have the "Resolved" state). 

Hiding VSTS sprint board columns

You can fix this by either changing the Bug states to match your tasks, or by changing the way bugs are managed – click the cog on your iteration Kanban board, then select the Working with Bugs tab:

Hiding VSTS sprint board columns

If you choose "Bugs are managed with Requirements" or "Bugs are not managed…" then the Iteration board columns will reflect Tasks.

Actually, the "managed with Requirements" setting is quite nice, it brings Bugs up to the top level. This doesn't change the hierarchy behind the scene so you can still record bugs against User Stories, but changes the display to:

Hiding VSTS sprint board columns

The bug here is against Test Story, but it appears as a top-level item.

Hope this helps, have a great week!

Cheers, Adam

Adam Knight is an Auckland-based Senior Solution Architect in Equinox IT's Cloud business. 


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