'IT and digital learning' survey findings 2020

by Brendon Livingstone on 02/09/2020 01:00

Download our 'IT and digital learning survey 2020' infographic of findings

During July we ran an 'IT and digital learning' survey to help participants think about their own and their teams' IT and digital career aspirations, learning paths, and COVID-19's impact on these. At the same time we were keen to continuously improve how we help IT and digital professionals and teams learn in a rapidly changing world.

The primary participants in the survey were mostly from our existing list of New Zealand Equinox Training contacts and course attendees, although we did also encourage participation in social media and from visitors to our training website.

We have compiled the survey findings, and a summary of the findings can be seen in our infographic Summary of 'IT and digital learning' survey findings 2020.

While there are more details in the infographic, here are a few of the key findings:

  • Participant's current roles have mostly not been impacted by COVID-19, although some IT contractors and returning international kiwis have lost positions
  • 98% of participants feel learning is the same, higher or much higher priority following the changes in circumstances with COVID-19
  • There is a small preference for other training delivery methods ahead of instructor-led classroom training, potentially reflecting the desire for social distancing
  • Participants' career aspirations included a variety of roles, all of which were roles within the IT and digital industry
  • Participants want to learn a range of 'people', 'process' and 'technology' skills, with the top three being skills in:
    1. Consulting, engaging stakeholders, and becoming a trusted advisor
    2. Leading strategy, change and transformation
    3. Agile, DevOps, Scrum, Lean and Scaling Agile skills

Find out more details in our infographic Summary of 'IT and digital learning' survey findings 2020.


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