Overcome the challenges of the ScrumMaster role - Certified Scrum Meetup

by Brendon Livingstone on 28/11/2019 12:00

Certified Scrum Meetup November 2019

Yesterday, Equinox IT hosted a Certified Scrum Meetup event in our Wellington offices, focusing on the topic of 'overcoming the challenges of the ScrumMaster role'. The session was facilitated by Certified Scrum Trainer Rowan Bunning and Principal Consultant Kirstin Donaldson, and was run using a Lean Coffee format.

Dot voting at the Certified Scrum Meetup November 2019

Certified-Scrum-Meetup-Prioritised-Topics-27112019Attendees jotted down ScrumMaster challenges that they face in their roles on post-it notes and each person dot voted topics they wanted to discuss.

The highest voted topics that were discussed in the group included:

  • How do we get management on board - still top down
  • One person being both a ScrumMaster and Product Owner
  • Agile PMO, how do we support teams, ScrumMasters and coaches
  • ScrumMasters, are they part of the PMO

There was a lot of good discussion and ideas from around the group on these topics. Next time the intent is to run the process a little differently to allow additional time to discuss more of the topics raised.

The intent is to run more Certified Scrum Meetup sessions in 2020.

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