Presenting at ITx on the role of Project Managers on Agile projects

by Carl Weller on 17/07/2018 09:00

Presenting at ITx on the role of Project Managers on Agile projects

On Thursday last week I presented at the ITx Conference in Wellington on the topic 'How to make sense of your role as a Project Manager or Sponsor on an Agile project'.

The presentation was well attended and received by the audience and explored the natural question that arises as more organisations adopt Agile and allocate people with traditional IT functions onto their Agile projects – "where do I fit?".

At Equinox IT we particularly see this with the Project Manager role as they move onto projects that also have roles of Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Are all three roles needed? What are the boundaries? Should they be combined? Where do I fit?

The goal of the presentation was to help Project Managers understand where they fit within Agile projects and to also help leaders understand how Agile changes project planning, management, reporting and governance.

The presentation:

  • Highlighted key principles we often forget about Agile projects
  • Covered how Project Managers, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches can and should work together
  • Explored how Agile processes complement or replace typical reporting and planning frameworks
  • Discussed what Agile projects mean for the way we approach governance.

Download my presentation slides.

Carl Weller is a Principal Consultant specialising in Project Management and Agile Leadership, based in our Wellington office.


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