Thriving in an increasingly digital economy with MIT CISR

by Paul Ramsay on 14/08/2013 09:40

Many of you will be aware of Equinox IT’s sponsorship of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), based in Boston, Massachusetts. CISR conducts field-based research on issues related to the management and use of information technology in complex organisations.

When preparing notes for the NZRise ‘Delivering Digital Development’ workshop in May, I referenced CISR’s International Executive Workshop presentation The Next Generation Enterprise: Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Economy presented by Dr Peter Weill and Dr Stephanie L. Woerner in Sydney in December 2012.

In looking at Next Generation Enterprises, Dr Weill and Dr Woerner said:

  • The world is rapidly digitising and connecting—individuals, enterprises, devices, governments, transactions, collaborations, socially
  • Digitisation is gradually changing the ‘essence’ of enterprises—e.g. less clear boundaries.

IT-driven transformation
The report identified four key types of IT-driven transformation:

  • Businesses will move from supply chains to ecosystems with increasing power to customers (with customer experience and ecosystem resilience dominating performance measures) 
  • Ecosystems will become more open
  • Intermediary B2B business will steadily disappear (e.g., agents, brokers, retailors, industrial suppliers) and be replaced by ecosystems
  • Enterprises will be either drivers or participants in several ecosystems and need to be a driver in at least one to survive.

Dr Peter Weill in Wellington during August 2013
I’m pleased to confirm that Equinox IT will host Dr Peter Weill in Wellington on 22 and 23 August 2013 as part of our ongoing commitment to the ICT sector. Dr Weill is a Senior Research Scientist and Chair of the MIT CISR. In 2008, Ziff Davis recognized Weill as #24 of The Top 100 Most Influential People in IT, the highest-ranked academic. Dr Weill will be accompanied on the visit by Dr Peter Reynolds, Research Scientist for the MIT CISR.

During his visit Dr Weill will present 'Creating a Vibrant Digital Ecosystem' in an event hosted by Equinox IT together with the Wellington City Council. The presentation is targeted at business and IT professionals and will be based on MIT CISR digital ecosystems research with reference to Wellington's digital ecosystem context.

Dr Weill and Dr Reynolds will also work with Equinox IT and our clients during the visit on digital ecosysems and other recent information technology and digitisation research findings from the MIT CISR.

About the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)
As part of the Massachusetts Institute of technology Sloan School of Management, the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) conducts field-based research on issues relating to the management and use of information technology in complex organisations. Their mission is to develop concepts and frameworks to help executives address the IT-related challenges of leading increasingly dynamic, global, and information-intensive organisations. Find out more about the MIT CISR.

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