Chris Buxton presents on Statistics New Zealand's IT recovery journey

by Graham Pohl on 24/08/2017 10:00

Nearly every organisation is somewhere on their cloud journey - at Equinox IT we spend a lot of time helping organisations to decide how rapidly they can safely transition their systems. While there are technical constraints, mostly these are conversations about the risk appetite of the organisation, and what rate of change both users and IT staff are able to cope with. Many organisations associate their current technologies, structures and operating models with low-risk and perceive rapid change as increasing risk - when in reality not changing fast enough can put them at greater risk.

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Equinox IT appointed Government Web Services Panel member

by Brendon Livingstone on 18/05/2017 12:00

Equinox IT has been appointed as a panel member for the new All-of-Government Web Services Panel.

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Partnership to help New Zealand businesses transform

by Brendon Livingstone on 30/08/2016 10:00

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Wellington software start-up LINQ and IT consultancy Equinox IT have joined forces in a consulting partnership to help New Zealand businesses successfully transform.

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Customers vs consumers - do you make a distinction in your analysis?

by Kirsten Eriksen on 18/08/2016 11:00

Image: Wellington Market, New Zealand, 13 Dec. 2009 by Phillip Capper, used under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the blog post The future of IT business analysis – moving from ‘what the business needs’ to ‘what the customer needs’ in which I suggested that it is becoming increasingly important for us Business Analysts to look after the needs of our organisation's customers.

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How do you pick the best IT services company for your specific delivery needs?

by Ray Cooke on 19/05/2016 10:00

When you need the help of an IT services company you no doubt will want a company that is going to help you deliver the result your organisation needs. Finding and picking the right IT company for your circumstances is not always straight forward, so in this Blab we covered the question "How do you pick the best IT services company for your specific delivery needs?"

You may also be interested in our previous Blab question relating to this topic What should you expect from your IT service provider?

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