Increasing the speed of your DevOps teams

by Carl Weller on 28/03/2019 10:00

This is the third post in a series exploring Lean thinking and DevOps. In this post I cover one of the reasons work takes longer than it should.

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How Lean can help DevOps teams be more responsive

by Carl Weller on 13/03/2019 10:00

In my previous post Introducing Lean thinking to DevOps I showed how Lean thinking, particularly establishing a pull system through work in progress (WIP) limits, can fully align the delivery capability of your DevOps team(s) with the ability of business to accept change.

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Introducing Lean thinking to DevOps

by Carl Weller on 26/02/2019 02:30

DevOps seems to be on everyone’s lips right now. It has surpassed Agile and become the newest and blackest of blacks.

The definition I’ll give it for the purposes of this blog is “…a lot of technical stuff done using strangely named products with the intent of creating a frictionless and smooth flow of value to end users”. I mean, Chef, Puppet, Git. Who names these products? Nevertheless, the important part of that definition rests in the last ten words; a frictionless and smooth flow of value to end users.

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Reducing delivery time by limiting work in progress - Projects and Agile community of practice

by Carl Weller on 12/12/2018 11:30

I kicked off our third 'Projects and Agile Community of Practice' event in early December with two teams of six participating in a 'work in progress' exercise. Each team had a timer, four project team members and a project manager. The four project team members were assigned a Greek character - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. They had a backlog of 30 cards, where card by card each team member would put their specific colour sticky dots on spots on the card that referenced their character, before handing it onto the next team member. The project manager collected the completed cards (work) at the end of the line. Two rounds of work were completed.

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