Vital Business Systems: When is bad performance good, and when does that change?

by Shane Ross on 10/05/2016 10:00

In business systems, particularly those that are customer facing, the expectation is that quick is good. Your customers continue to move online for the consumption of media, getting the latest news, making bookings, and purchase gifts and everyday items. These customers increasingly expect the same from your business. The expectation is that where customer facing systems perform well your customers are happy and will recommend your business to others.

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Troubleshooting an Oracle UCM Batch Loader performance problem

by Jeremy Cook on 20/04/2016 10:00

One of our largest clients has recently gone through the process of migrating upwards of 60 million client documents from an old Stellent enterprise document management system to the newer Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) system.

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Does cloud eliminate the need for performance testing? Short answer: ‘No’!

by Callum Cuncannon on 15/04/2016 10:00

For years we've dealt with IT professionals and organisations who have responded to software performance issues by purchasing more servers. Today that same thinking leads many to assume that performance issues with cloud hosted applications can easily be resolved with the elastic scalability of capacity. So it is natural to ask, does cloud solve performance issues and as such 'does cloud eliminate the need for performance testing?'

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Part 3 – Performance monitoring Microsoft Exchange in production

by Clive Williams on 12/04/2016 10:00

In the previous posts in this series we covered the Performance risks with Microsoft Exchange and then Performance testing Microsoft Exchange using Jetstress and Load Generator.

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The performance risks with Microsoft Exchange

by Clive Williams on 30/03/2016 10:00

For most organisations Microsoft Exchange is a cornerstone business application. It provides key, critical communications both within the organisation and to the outside world. With increased mobile access, the criticality of this application continues to grow. Exchange is also becoming a de-facto content / contact store for vital information within organisations.

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