A leading New Zealand tertiary education provider focuses their ICT capability to achieve business and learner outcomes in the rapidly changing adult learning market. They achieve this by defining and applying IT architectural principles, standards, and collateral that engage with and guide the business stakeholders.

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Tertiary education is going through significant change and disruption as technology enables new ways and models for adults to learn. Tertiary education institutes are finding they need to adopt new ways of working and build capability to adapt to and take advantage of the rapidly changing adult learning market.


Given this environment, the Information Systems team at a leading tertiary education institute wanted to better support their business and the current and planned programmes of work. As part of this, they identified the need to improve their enterprise and IT architecture practices.


The institute’s IT architecture team undertook focused initiative to change their architecture approach. They held workshops to identify key issues and then introduced new IT architecture principles, standards, techniques and collateral to address these issues. They developed a high-level plan of architecture activities and collateral and they organised for team members to receive guidance and mentoring in the new ways of working. Techniques, methods and templates were pragmatically selected to meet the institute’s needs, including architectural vision development, architectural principles workshopping, root-cause analysis, application data mapping, and enterprise architecture technology standards.


The tertiary education institute’s team has made strong progress following the initiative. The team have strengthened their capability, have adopted the new approaches and are using the recommended templates. By introducing greater clarity, improved communication, and practical architectural standards the team is helping the institute to make better business and technology decisions and deliver project results that support business needs.

Equinox IT Principal Consultant Bill Ross worked with the institute on this initiative. He facilitated the workshops, mentored team members, advised on new practices and made recommendations for change.

Tim Woollands, Client Consultant, Equinox IT Wellington

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