• Some of New Zealand's best and most highly respected Agile Consultants
  • Get help when you're starting with Agile or when Agile isn't working
  • Agile assessments to see where you're at and Agile training to learn the skills you need
  • Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to get teams and leaders working in the right ways
  • Agile change and transformation to scale the benefit of Agile

Our Agile Principal consultants

While our Agile consultants are some of the best and most highly respected in New Zealand, what is more important is the results that they have delivered consistently over many years for software development shops, major banks, companies and government agencies. Meet our Principal Agile Consultants:

When Agile doesn't deliver the value you hoped for

Agile, Lean, Kanban and DevOps are common terms in business and IT vocabulary today. But many organisations and teams are giving Agile a go and not achieving the traction, improvement and uptake that was promised. Hands up if one of more of these is true in your organisation or team:

  • Your Agile change seems to be stalling, is encountering resistance, or is taking longer than you expected
  • You feel your software teams could do the right thing, faster with fewer defects
  • Your Scrum Master wears too many hats, is battle weary, or is still learning the ropes
  • You can't find a good Scrum Master who fits with your needs
  • You are not getting the business engagement you need on your Agile project.

Our Agile assessments - let's see where you are at

We have a suite of Agile assessments, that can be used at team, department or organisational level, to help you understand where you're at and where you can improve with Agile. We can assess your maturity in all or any of these areas:

  • Agile process and approaches
  • Agile development tools and environment
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Business alignment and knowledge
  • Agile governance
  • Engagement of your people
  • Delivering value to your business.

The 'Agile Starter' - get performing fast

Get your team started and performing with Agile with our 'Agile Starter' which includes 'Agile for teams' training and follow-up coaching from one of our Agile Consultants.

Agile and Scrum training - learn the skills you need

Getting the most from Agile requires new skills and work practices. Our training is delivered by our Principal and Senior Agile Consultants who bring a wealth of experience from working in and with Agile projects. In additional to our public Agile and Scrum training courses we also run dedicated in-house courses and can rapidly tailor content to your team's specific needs.

We also partner with Certified Scrum Trainer Rowan Bunning of Scrum WithStyle to deliver Certified ScrumMaster, Advanced Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses in New Zealand. Furthermore, we partner with Certified Enterprise Coach Michael Sahota to deliver Certified Agile Leadership training in New Zealand.

Find out more about our Agile and Scrum training.

Scrum Masters - lead your teams to success

Equinox IT has many practical, pragmatic Scrum Masters who have been psychologist trained in coaching, and who also have real world experience in solving tough business problems. They hold Certified ScrumMaster or Advanced Certified ScrumMaster credentials. They have the flexibility to adapt to your organisation's needs, and together with you, they can make your team shine.

Agile requirements - what your business needs today

We've been doing software requirements since 1995, but today we do them differently. Our Agile consultants and systems analysts are experts in Agile requirements approaches including user stories, specification by example and estimation. 

Leadership coaching - work in the right ways

Our Agile Consultants have been psychologist trained in coaching and can help your key people and leaders tune their approach so you get greater benefit from Agile. Our Agile Consultants coach Scrum Masters within many organisations to successfully lead Agile delivery. They also work with Product Owners to help them ensure the expected business value is delivered. Finally, our people coach leaders outside of Agile delivery teams to establish a culture and way of working that helps Agile flourish in your organisation.

Agile transformation - scale the benefit of Agile

Your Agile change seems to be stalling. You haven't necessarily gotten the traction or improvement promised. Perhaps you have forgotten why you started an Agile transformation.

We're experts at getting your change initiative back on track, helping you see the wood for the trees and re-engaging your teams and business partners. We'll help you to get measurable improvement happening in your teams.

Our Agile Consultants have worked on many successful Agile transformations in New Zealand. We know how to deliver tangible change focused on business outcomes.