Does this sound like your organisation?

  • Your business bypasses IT to increase speed to market of new digital offerings, but delivers systems that are insecure, don't perform or are costly to maintain
  • Your IT department is so busy nursing existing technology and rehabilitating business shortcuts they seem unresponsive to urgently needed new technology
  • Your IT department hasn't built the necessary muscle to rapidly deliver projects that align to and meet the needs of your business
  • There is conflict between business and IT executives - business complaining IT is too slow and IT complaining the business takes irresponsible shortcuts.

Winners and losers...

Digital transformation is a given. Those who don't see the need to transform have already lost.

Those who know they need to transform, but don't have the alignment or the muscle to transform will be the new losers.

BUT, for those who successfully align business and IT to transform and innovate, the results speak for themselves...

Record breaking: Air NZ's $663m profit ~ NZ Herald

Customers benefit from (Immigration New Zealand) Vision 2015 success ~ Scoop

CricHQ bids for global domination of cricket scoring ~ Stuff

Success comes to those who align business and IT!

The three legs to your transformation stool

Your digital transformation stool will fall over with only one or two legs. To succeed you must have all three 1. a customer focused business, 2. your IT team 'game ready', 3. most importantly an unwavering focus on aligning your business and IT.

1. A customer focused business

Old World New World
Complicated but predictable Complex and unpredictable
Product centric Customer centric
Continuous change Unprecedented rapid change
Strategic advantage Complete disruption
In-person or analogue service delivery Digital service delivery
Planned and sequential business change Experimental and agile business change

The new capabilities you need:

  • Ability to change your organisational DNA to respond to a complex and unpredictable world
  • 'Lean startup' style ability to rapidly experiment and pivot based on results
  • Digital strategy and investment planning
  • Customer experience mapping and service design
  • Agile analysis and business modelling
  • Enterprise scale Agile business delivery.

2. IT 'game ready'

Old World New World
Siloed IT teams Cross functional teams including operations
Waterfall Agile, Lean, DevOps, Continuous Delivery
Custom software development Custom integration and configuration
Monolithic systems Many 'best of breed' systems integrated
'One size fits all' approach Bimodal or multimodal approaches
Full system redevelopment Container specific redevelopment and renovation
Manual build, test and deploy Automated build, test and deploy
Quarterly releases Multiple daily releases

The new capabilities you need:

  • Ability to restructure IT to remove functional silos and instead have cross functional delivery teams which include operations
  • 'Game ready' Agile, Lean, DevOps and Continuous Delivery IT delivery practices
  • Agile technical delivery practices including automated build, test and deployment
  • Rapid but disciplined delivery of new technology, including robust architectural involvement
  • Technical delivery focused on integration, interfaces, configuration, component development, cloud, business intelligence, mobile, internet of things...
  • Efficient maintenance of existing and legacy systems with ability to rapidly change these systems as required.

3. Alignment between business and IT

Old World New World
IT as service provider in digital delivery IT as trusted partner in digital success
Siloed IT department IT core competency across organisation
Monthly project steering groups Business product owners embedded in IT projects
Business drives transformation with or without IT CEO drives transformation aligning business and IT 
CIO responsible for 'keeping the lights on' CIO responsible for enabling transformation through IT

The new capabilities you need:

  • CEO owns transformation and manages alignment between business and IT
  • IT acknowledged as a core competency for organisational success in a digital world and the competency along with the important disciplines are spread across the organisation
  • Decision making that works towards delivering BOTH business urgency AND IT discipline
  • Business-centric IT leadership roles that focus on enabling transformation through IT and not simply 'keeping the lights on'.

Need some help with this?

If you're stuck making your digital transformation work, we'd be happy to have a conversation to help unpack your issues.

At Equinox IT we understand business and government (we've worked for many since 1995) and we have DEEP technical experience. More importantly though we understand that aligning both is the real secret to success in today's world.