App modernisation and software development


Apps & software are indispensable in your business

Apps and software are part of everything you do. For many things you will use available software 'out of the box', like Xero for accounting. But in unique areas you'll likely need applications and software that meet your specific needs.

We deliver full-stack development to help you:

  • Modernise applications to realise the full potential of cloud platforms
  • Digitise manual processes to make work quicker and simpler 
  • Create mobile apps for rich and convenient client services
  • Reduce technical debt by complementing or replacing legacy services
  • Productise your idea into the next big software success story
  • Integrate disparate systems to unite processes and information
  • Customise existing platforms to better meet your needs.

Every need is different and we right-size to whatever you require. Sometimes that means a single systems analyst or developer working on your software project. Sometimes it may mean sharing and knowledge and coaching your team to deliver optimally. Other times it may mean fully outsourcing your development or maintenance to our team.


We bring the factors critical to software development success

  • We get clear on the problem you are solving and the outcome you need
  • We work pragmatically and iteratively, delivering your highest priorities first
  • We plan and achieve cost effective results
  • We co-create the software solution with your teams and customers
  • We share our knowledge with your team, so the value continues after we leave.

"We focus on people over process over platform"

People - it starts with people

We believe that any successful outcome starts with people, which is why we focus on creating the right environment for your and our people to thrive. We take a human-centred approach to our work, focusing on co-creation, coaching, training and knowledge sharing.

In this area we see ourselves as quite different from other technical consultancies where technology often comes first.

People - it starts with people

Process - leaders in Agile and DevOps approaches and practices

We are known for helping our clients adopt Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and CI/CD approaches and practices. These ways of working are baked into our teams.

Our approaches help you get what you need, quickly and cost effectively. This includes:

  • Human-centred approaches to understand needs - design thinking, lean start-up, user stories and value stream mapping
  • Operating in short cycles - delivering your highest priorities first and rapidly responding to change
  • Bringing operations into dev cycles - using latest technologies to automate environments, builds, tests and deployments
  • Optimising the development discipline - with automated testing, CI/CD, static code analysis and error logging
  • Continuously getting better - running retrospectives and working with your teams to do more of what works.

Platform - latest development technologies

Our Agile development teams and software developers use today's latest technologies for mobile development, web development, app modernisation, integration, and full-stack software development, including:

  • Task management and Kanban: Azure Boards, GitHub Project Boards, Miro, LeanKit, Trello
  • Mobile: Apple Xcode, Android Studio, Apache Cordova and Ionic
  • Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON, Bootstrap, Typescript, Node.js, D3.js
  • Full-stack languages: .Net / C#, .Net Core, Java, Python, PHP
  • Gaming and mixed reality: Unity, HTC Vive, SteamVR, VRTK
  • Data and databases: SQLServer, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle SQL Developer, SQLite, Entity Framework Core
  • Testing: Azure DevOps Test, Cucumber / Gherkin, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor, Rollbar, Nightwatch.js, Karma JS, Silk Test, SoapUI, Jest
  • Code analysis and coverage: Azure DevOps Test, Azure Pipelines, SonarCloud, Istanbul.js
  • Integration and API management: Tasktop, Nest.js, WS02
  • Security: Azure Security Centre / Active Directory / DDoS protection, TruffleHog
  • Cloud platforms: Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Version Control: Azure Repos, GibHub, Git, Bitbucket, Subversion
  • Team platforms: Azure DevOps, GitHub, JIRA, Confluence
  • Automation, CI/CD & infrastructure as code: PowerShell, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Pipelines, GitHub, Jenkins, Ansible
  • Application monitoring: Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights
  • Business intelligence: PowerBI, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Synapse Analytics, Tableau.

Developer's desktop

We're not another design agency, we're deeply technical

We provide full stack software development skills, backed by deep technical expertise. We do the hard but important stuff that many development partners overlook:

  • We make our software secure by following security best practices and using the latest security advancements
  • We deliver well architected code that is scalable, testable, extendable and maintainable
  • We fiercely manage code and product quality through static code analysis, automated testing and peer review
  • We make the deep technical stuff work including business rule logic, API integration and database management
  • We modernise your applications re-platforming them for cloud, removing technical debt and replacing legacy systems.

And while we're not another design agency, we will still make your software look great and be easy to use.

Government agency? - We're on the panel

For government agencies we deliver all of the web services you need in one place. We're an All-of-Government Web Services Panel supplier approved for eight web service categories:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Native application development
  • Information architecture
  • Content design
  • User insight
  • Application testing
  • Ongoing technical support

Find out how we can help you through the Web Services Panel


We partner with the best to help you 

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for the DevOps, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity and Application Development competencies and a Silver Partner for Security, Data Analytics, Application Integration, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Collaboration and Content competencies. We are experts on the Azure DevOps platform and also work with a range of other DevOps platforms.


We are New Zealand's only GitHub Verified Partner, reflecting our technical capabilities to deliver first-class services to clients.


We partner with Tasktop, a company that is transforming how the world’s largest organizations manage the process of building software.


We also partner with the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), an independent and open members-driven association supporting DevOps journeys around the world through training, certification and knowledge sharing. DASA developed a powerful DevOps Competence Model built on 12 Knowledge and Skills areas that provides guidance to individuals and teams.



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