Purpose-built software

Whatever your organisation does you have specific needs and unique (sometimes legislated) constraints. Perhaps you need software that enables you to work in specific ways. Or perhaps you have commercial ideas and need a partner to help you build a software product. Either way we’ll understand your business and create purpose-built software applications that fit your specific needs.

We help you...

Develop purpose-built software using Microsoft .NET

Equinox IT is New Zealand's only Microsoft Gold Partner for the application lifecycle management competency. We have some of the best and most qualified software development professionals available using Microsoft .NET, C# and Visual Studio.

Using high-capability cross functional teams, who consistently work together using our Agile and Lean processes, we will understand your needs and deliver the required Microsoft .NET software application at the right time, agreed price and appropriate level of quality.

Develop purpose-built software using Java

We have software development teams with substantial experience and specialist focus on Java and related open source technologies.

These high-capability cross functional teams will use modern software development approaches to understand your needs and deliver the required Java software application at the right time, agreed price and appropriate level of quality.

Improve your existing software

As the world rapidly changes your existing software applications need to continuously improve to meet expectations. Using Agile and Lean approaches and either Microsoft .NET or Java technologies, we will understand your needs and work with you to improve your existing software.

Support your software

With a dedicated support team who have access to the original software development team, we will provide 1st and 2nd level support, resolve issues, and enhance your software over time.

Install and host your software

With numerous options available for hosting software, we will work with you to determine the best option for you, whether external provider or your own premises. We’ll then help you to install your software and ensure it works as expected​​​.

Validate software product ideas

Where you are exploring software product ideas, before we develop your product we will test and validate your idea with your target market, ensuring your critical investment funding is used on the features that your market will pay for.