Understand business problems and opportunities

Often a business has symptoms that tell them that something isn’t quite right, or that they could do something better. Business analysis involves analysing the symptoms and other information to help the business understand the true nature of their problems and opportunities. This ensures that solutions target the root cause rather than the symptoms.

Solve business problems

Analysis helps you to solve business problems and prepare your business for the future. After understanding the problems and opportunities facing a business and uncovering the needs that arise from that understanding, the business analyst can define the business change required to resolve the problems or take advantage of opportunities.

Specify requirements

Defining the business change required often comes in the form of requirements. Business analysts collect and analyse information to specify requirements. Often BAs will use a wide range of analysis techniques and practices for analysing and specifying requirements.

Communicate with all parties

Business analysis is fundamentally about communication. Business analysts communicate with a range of people to understand the business problems and needs. They also communicate to validate information, inform the delivery team, provide clarification and achieve common understanding.

Validate solutions against requirements

Business analysts often represent the interests of the business within a project and as such are concerned with validating solutions against requirements to ensure that the business problem will be solved.

How we can help...

We work with you to solve your business problems and to grow your people to become business analysis leaders.

We have considerable experience in helping many organisations solve their tough business problems.

We can help you to:

  • Assess the capability of your BA team
  • Identify and implement suitable BA practices and frameworks
  • Lead analysis activities for a team or project
  • Resource business and systems analysis roles on your projects
  • Grow the capability of your BA team members through training and mentoring.

Equinox IT and the IIBA

Equinox IT has a long history with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) in New Zealand:

  • We were the inaugural 'Chapter Patron'; in 2006 we funded the establishment of the IIBA New Zealand chapter, the first international chapter outside of North America. We have continued to actively sponsor and contribute to the IIBA New Zealand chapter ever since.
  • Equinox IT Director Paul Ramsay was the founding president of the IIBA New Zealand chapter and his ongoing contribution was recognised with an inaugural 'Recognition of Outstanding Service' award.
  • We are an IIBA Endorsed Education ProviderTM, providing endorsed business analysis training courses that contribute towards CBAP® and CCBA® certification PDUs and CDUs.

IIBA®, CBAP® and CCBA® are registered trademarks and Endorsed Education Provider™ is a trademark owned by International Institute of Business Analysis.