Grow your people

We will teach you and your people skills and practices that can be applied to make a real difference within your organisation. That is why all of our instructors are first and foremost practising consultants and technical specialists. Our courses focus on the hands-on application of learning and we complement our training with assessment, coaching and adoption services to help embed new learning into your organisation.

Learn agile, lean and scrum

Learn business analysis

Learn IT architecture

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We help you...

Identify what your people need to learn

Our practising consultants and technical specialists, who are also certified instructors, will understand your business and assess the capability of your people to identify areas for growth.

Develop your whole team with in-house training

Using expert practitioner instructors we will target or tailor in-house training that is dedicated to address the capability needs of your team. This allows us to bring together our expertise and experience with your team's specific needs.

Learn new skills and practices with public training

We can teach you or members of your team new concepts, skills and practices through our public training programme - see our public training schedule.

Adopt and embed new ways of working

Training is only of value when it is applied to make a difference in your organisation. Using coaching and adoption approaches we will work with your people to reinforce learning and embed new approaches into your way of working.