DevOps - we help you:

  • #deliveritfaster - provide value to your business and customers in short, frequent cycles
  • #startwithpeople - DevOps is harder than you think and it is not just about the shiny new tools
  • #seeitthrough - get on the DevOps journey and stay on the journey to successful completion.

What we do:

  • DevOps maturity model assessment
  • DevOps training and coaching
  • Value optimisation with your business
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Test-driven development and automated testing
  • Security, risk and performance monitoring
  • Ready-made DevOps teams.

Equinox IT is also the only Microsoft New Zealand Gold Partner for the DevOps competency. We are experienced experts on the Azure DevOps platform and we also work with a range of other DevOps technology platforms.


Download our DevOps brochure.