Got Stuck the Last Time You Tried DevOps and Agile?

Changing ways of working is hard and doesn't always prevail. We work with many organisations who have tried DevOps and Agile before, but did not achieve the benefits they were hoping.

DevOps and Agile can and should work. We've helped clients adopt Iterative, Agile and now DevOps ways of working since 1995. We understand the factors critical to success.

Why Adopt DevOps and Agile

Successful organisations today are flexible, responding to change in rapid cycles to deliver value faster, better and cheaper.

Your organisation needs to become adaptable too, embracing new ways of working, simplifying technical operations, and delivering customer value faster.


We bring the factors critical to DevOps & Agile success

  • We get clear on where you are now using design thinking and assessments
  • We pragmatically start with a single team and your 'greatest constraint'
  • We take a disciplined approach to managing cost and risk
  • We co-create new ways of working with your team and customers
  • We share our knowledge with your team, including coaching and training.

Getting Your DevOps Unstuck

Responding to change and delivering rapid customer value is impossible when your systems are complex and fragile and your technical delivery is slow and unreliable. Done well, DevOps enables your teams to deliver faster at lower cost while increasing customer satisfaction and improving quality.

We believe that solving tough problems starts with people. So we take a 'people over process over platform' approach to DevOps.

Equinox IT's DevOps People, Process, Platform framework

Three P's Description

Your people are critical to the success of DevOps. We use human-centred design thinking and value stream mapping to understand your people and identify waste and constraints in work delivery. We co-create ideas with your people and share our knowledge through training and coaching, helping them flourish in the new DevOps environment.


We help your teams adopt new DevOps ways of working to deliver continuous customer value using Agile methods, collaboration and automation. We track key DevOps metrics to continuously improve lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to restore and change fail percentage.


Successful DevOps is supported by effective technology platforms that help your team deliver faster and better value. These platforms enable the buzzwords you may hear, such as continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated testing, automated builds and automated deployment. We help you get the right toolsets working and optimised for your team, including platforms such as Azure DevOps and GitHub.

 After success with one of your teams we can help you scale the value across your organisation.


Getting Your Agile Unstuck

You need high performance teams with the right mindset, culture and ways of working, who adapt rapidly and deliver value frequently. Agile helps your teams work in short cycles, delivering highest priority business and customer value first, rapidly responding as priorities inevitably change.

As with DevOps, we take a 'people over process over platform' approach.

Equinox IT's DevOps People, Process, Platform framework

Three P's Description

Your people are critical to the success of Agile. We observe, interview and survey your people to gain an understanding of issues, engagement and satisfaction. We co-create the Agile change together with them, agreeing priorities, areas of focus and success criteria. We share our knowledge through training and coaching and if required we work as part of the team as expert ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches and tech specialists.


We work with your team to adopt new Agile ways of working and address issues identified relating to user stories, sprint planning, work in progress, transparency, estimation, prioritisation, definition of done, retrospectives and more. We look to measure improvements in core Agile metrics such as lead time, cycle time, committed vs completed points. 


Tools such as digital kanban boards may help your Agile team collaborate and deliver faster. We help you get the right toolsets working and optimised for your team, including platforms such as Azure DevOps and GitHub.

Done well, Agile enables your teams to be adaptable and collaborative, delivering high value results to your business and customers. We'll continuously improve your team and where it makes sense scale that value to other teams.


The Types of Work We Do

We're happy to talk with you about any DevOps or Agile initiative you have. We can help you in many ways, depending upon your need. Here are some of the areas we offer help:

DevOps Agile
  • Adopting DevOps ways of working
  • DevOps Coaches, practitioners and tech specialists for your projects
  • Ready-made DevOps teams, delivering project results from day one
  • DevOps tool experts to optimise your technology stacks
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps, GitHub and other toolset adoption
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Test-driven development and automated testing
  • Security, risk and performance monitoring
  • Application support and management
  • DASA DevOps Certification training.
  • Adopting Agile ways of working
  • ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches and tech specialists for your projects
  • Ready-made Agile teams, delivering project results from day one
  • Agile leadership coaching to help your leaders work in the right way
  • Agile user stories, specification by example and estimation
  • Lean and Kanban approaches
  • Scaling Agile
  • Agile team training
  • Agile leadership training
  • Certified Scrum training.

Our team includes experienced Principal and Senior Consultants with specialist expertise in DevOps, Agile coaching, Scrum Mastering, facilitation, Agile architecture, software development and cloud.





Microsoft Gold Partner DevOps, Application Development and Cloud PlatformWe are a Microsoft Gold Partner for the DevOps, Application Development and Cloud Platform competencies and a Silver Partner for the Cloud Productivity and DataCenter competencies. We are experts on the Azure DevOps platform and we also work with a range of other DevOps platforms.


GitHub Verified Partner badgeWe are also New Zealand's only GitHub verified partner. To achieve this, GitHub verified our technical capabilities to deliver first class services to clients.


Start by Assessing Where You Are Today

With all of our DevOps and Agile engagements we start by assessing where you are today. This may include design thinking, value stream mapping, observation, interviews and surveys to identify your greatest constraints to delivering value. We use this to prepare recommendations and a roadmap to successfully enable DevOps and Agile in your organisation.


DevOps adoption showing Microsoft Azure DevOps



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