DevOps & Agile


Got stuck the last time you tried DevOps and Agile?

Changing ways of working is hard and doesn't always prevail. We work with many organisations who have tried DevOps and Agile before, but did not achieve the benefits they were hoping.

DevOps and Agile can and should work. We've helped clients adopt Iterative, Agile and now DevOps ways of working since 1995. We understand the factors critical to success.

Why adopt DevOps and Agile?

Successful organisations today are flexible, responding to change in rapid cycles to deliver value faster, better and cheaper.

Your organisation needs to become adaptable too, embracing new ways of working, simplifying technical operations, and delivering customer value faster.


We bring the factors critical to DevOps & Agile success

  • We get clear on where you are now using design thinking and assessments
  • We pragmatically start with a single team and your 'greatest constraint'
  • We take a disciplined approach to managing cost and risk
  • We co-create new ways of working with your team and customers
  • We share our knowledge with your team, including coaching and training.