Growth hackers for tech startups


We help tech startups with technical leadership, product development and growth.

As a startup you can't afford to make the wrong tech choices. 

Leverage our technical depth, get the right skills and experience you need, but also have ultimate flexibilityturn us on and off as you need.

Tech Startup Build Measure Learn cycle



Virtual CTOVirtual CTO

Technical leadership for your startup

Make the right technical decisions for your tech startup, product and platform...

  • Get an experienced CTO and tech leader who knows startups and small companies
  • Save time and money by not chasing the wrong tech
  • Deliver results quickly for less.

Development leadershipDevelopment leadership

Product or platform development management and leadership

Get a well-developed product or platform, delivered as soon as...

  • Get a Dev Manager or Technical Dev Lead with experience running high performance development teams
  • Use smart Agile, DevOps and Continuous Integration approaches and dev practices
  • Maximise the value from your development investment.

Customer InsightCustomer insight

Customer feedback and key metrics for your product or platform

Growth happens with a deep understanding of your customers’ needs…

  • Access skilled customer experience analysts
  • Collect customer feedback, track uptake and usage and change your product as required
  • Build key metrics (such as Pirate metrics “AARRR”) right into your product or platform.

Product developmentProduct development

Agile and DevOps development and testing - iOS, Android, Web

Develop, iterate and perfect your product or platform to your market’s needs…

  • Invest smartly in your product or platform and adapt based on what you learn
  • Get developers, testers or complete dev teams with full-stack, mobile (iOS, Android) and web experience
  • Use smart Agile, DevOps and Continuous Integration approaches and dev practices.

Product-Management-100Product Management

Product strategy based on customer insight

Refine your product or platform based on customer insight and key product metrics…

  • Manage your product or platform strategy to deliver business growth
  • Refine your product roadmap and development team effort based in insight, metrics and feedback
  • Pivot your product or platform if required to achieve planned growth.

Grow your teamGrow your team

Replace us by hiring, training and mentoring your own team

Grow your startup to where you don't need us ...

  • Get our help to identify the skill you need and to find and hire the right people
  • Train and mentor your team to deliver the services we offer
  • Have your people work with us and learn what we know and do.

Looking for Wild Strait? 

We previously delivered our 'tech startup services' under the sub-brand Wild Strait. These services are now delivered under Equinox IT, and this page replaces the previous Wild Strait website.