Implementation teams


Successfully implementing products and business systems is never as simple as it sounds.

Our independent Implementation Team service helps both client organisations and product vendors successfully implement products and business systems.

The service helps:

  • Client organisations fully understand their needs
  • Define transition needs, such as data migration and new workflows
  • Determine product fit to needs
  • Complement vendor product knowledge with full analysis, implementation and business change capability
  • Uncover 'hidden requirements', such as performance, security or usability
  • Overcome complexity, disruptions and inefficient practices.

Cross-functional approach

We bring a cross-functional approach to help your product or business system implementation project be as successful as possible. The approach allows us to bring the right skills for your specific needs. Sometimes this may be one person, other times it may include specialist implementation skills across project management, analysis, architecture, technical delivery, testing and business change.

The types of work we do

While each implementation project is different, typical activities we get involved in include:

  • Identifying and analysing the business's needs
  • Facilitating workshops to prepare products or business system requirements
  • Preparing business cases and running bidding processes
  • Matching business problems to available products and solutions
  • Introducing implementation practices to minimise waste and increase success
  • Identifying common patterns of use to reduce unnecessary implementation complexity
  • Advising on technology, platform and implementation decisions
  • Assisting with product installation, integration and testing
  • Training users on the new product or business system
  • Embedding new ways of working that align with the product or solution workflow.

For client organisations

When working for client organisations our Implementation Teams ensure that the client gets the best possible implementation outcome from the vendor. We ensure organisations have their needs represented accurately, understand the product fit to those needs, and realise the full benefit of the product or business system implementation.

For product or business system vendors

When working for vendors our Implementation Teams complement the vendor's skills with the full capability required for excellent results. Vendors deliver smoother implementations and can focus on the product-specific aspects of implementation and integration. Vendors also have the ability to offer their clients an independent, client-focused service that represents the project's best interests.