A quick overview...

  • Delivered 'Live Online' or 'In-Person'
  • Get IT training targeted or customised to your team's situation and specific needs
  • Get applied learning from practising consultants, real world scenarios and hands-on exercises
  • Get cost savings by training the whole team on Agile, Scrum, Architecture, Analysis
  • Get learning that is embedded and applied to the real problems and situations your people face right now, with coaching and mentoring.

Also see our public training offerings.

More details...

Skills your team can apply immediately

Learn skills from practising consultants that your people and teams can apply immediately to make a difference in your work.

Constant learning, applying that learning and adapting to change, these are the new capabilities you need to invest in for your people.

Since 2003 we have run over 1,600 courses to train over 12,000 students. We bring all of that experience together to provide in-house training, coaching and mentoring services that are designed for your needs today.

How we deliver

We deliver 'Live Online' and 'In-Person / Classroom' training for digital professionals and teams.

What we train in

We deliver in-house training in the following business and IT disciplines:

See all of the courses we have available to target or customise for in-house training.

If you need in-house training outside of these disciplines or outside of the specific courses that we offer, let us know and we may be able to compile or source suitable material for your needs.

Coaching and mentoring

As practising consultants we work best when we're working directly with your people, virtually or in-person, helping them overcome tough business and IT problems. Mentoring and coaching is a highly effective way for your people to learn because the learning is applied to the real problems and situations your people face right now. Mentoring and coaching is valuable on its own, but is super charged when combined with training courses where the consultant instructor can follow-up to help your people embed the learning in their work.

We mentor and coach individuals, teams and projects on a huge range of disciplines including Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Cloud and development technologies, project management, analysis, architecture, and development.

What you can count on:

  • Tailored fit
  • Applied learning
  • Cost savings
  • Repeatable
  • Project immersion
  • Management involvement