Just give me a quick overview...

  • Get the right skills, fast, to get the job done on your project
  • Get people who are certified as having the required skills and guaranteed to deliver
  • Get project leaders, analysts, experience designers, architects, developers, testers, technical testers, integration specialists, cloud or product specialists, agile specialists, DevOps specialists, and development team specialists.
  • Get specialist web services skills under the All-of-Government Web Services Panel.

Give me all the gory details...

The right skills, fast, to get the job done

You need people with the right skills on your projects, you need them fast, and you need to know they'll get the job done. After over 3,000 client projects and assignments and with an average of over 2 industry certifications per team member, you'd be right in thinking we have some of the best IT technical specialists and project people available.

We provide two levels of IT Technical specialists and project resources:

  • IT specialists – a contractor, associate or team member with suitable skills, who can flexibly start (and end) quickly on your projects
  • Equinox IT certified specialists – an Equinox IT team member or a trusted associate who we have certified as having the required capability. We surround our certified specialists with the required support to guarantee that they deliver to your project's needs.

The IT specialist roles we resource

Use our IT specialists and Equinox IT certified specialists when your organisation or project needs a:

  • Project Leader: Project Manager, Programme Manager, Project Coordinator
  • Analyst: Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Digital Analyst, Support Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Experience Designer: Information Architect, Content Designer, Design Thinking Specialist, User Experience Designer, Customer Experience Designer, Service Designer
  • Architect: Software Designer, Solution Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Enterprise Architect
  • Developer: Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Web Developer, Mobile Developer, App Developer, Support Developer
  • Tester: Test Manager, Application Tester, Functional Tester, Gherkin Scripter
  • Technical Tester: Automation Tester, Performance Engineer, Performance Tester, Application Performance Monitoring Specialist
  • Integration Specialist: System / Technology / Product Integration Specialist
  • Cloud or Product Specialist: Azure Specialist, AWS Specialist, Sharepoint Specialist
  • Agile Specialist: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Multi-disciplinary Development Specialist
  • DevOps Specialist: Multi-disciplinary Development and Operations specialist, Continuous Deployment Specialist, Continuous Integration Specialist  - more about our DevOps services
  • Development Tool Specialist: Microsoft VSTS Specialist, Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS Specialist, Open Source Specialist.

All-of-Government Web Services Panel

We can deliver all of the web services you need in one place as an All-of-Government Web Services Panel supplier approved for eight web service categories.

Find out more about the services we deliver on this panel.

What you can count on:

IT specialists

  • Right skills – a suitably skilled IT specialist
  • Speed – rapid turnaround from the need identified to the specialist joining the team
  • Protection – professional indemnity cover
  • Flexibility – stop using the IT specialist for any reason, any time.

Equinox IT certified specialists

  • Certified right skills – assessed by us and certified as having the required capability for your project
  • Hit the ground running – formally inducted into your project context and approaches by us
  • Flexibility – start and stop when you need, short or long-term assignments
  • Quality – deliverables independently QAed by other Equinox IT team members
  • Certainty of delivery – we guarantee deliverables from our Equinox IT certified specialists
  • Continuous upskilling – regularly trained and mentored to keep getting better
  • Brain trust access – certified specialists have a direct line to the Equinox IT brain trust to get advice on project challenges
  • Client knowledge base – we retain knowledge and records of work performed for future engagements
  • Integrity – we stand behind our work and deliver on our commitments.