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Regularly and rapidly acquire new relevant skills

Your skills quickly become less valuable as the world changes. So today more than ever, you will need to regularly and rapidly acquire new relevant skills and adapt to new circumstances to ensure you remain in high demand.

Our public training is delivered by practising consultants with the goal of teaching you skills that you can immediately apply today to be relevant to current and future employers. Since 2003 we have run over 1,500 courses to train over 11,000 students. We bring all of that experience together to provide public training courses that are designed for your needs today.

What we train in

Get trained in the following business and IT disciplines:

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What you can count on:

  • Applied learning - learn skills from practising consultants, real-world scenarios, and hands-on exercises that can be applied immediately to make a difference in your project or organisation
  • Rapid learning – one and two day modular courses to rapidly learn the new skills you require today without over investing time and money in skills that may no longer be necessary in the future
  • Quality – all of our consultant instructors have been through our instructor development programme and have been certified to deliver our training
  • Being looked after – we use excellent venues, supply all the materials you need and provide you with fully catered morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Smooth sailing – we pride ourselves in being a good bunch of people who are honourable and easy to work with.