Site reliability engineering teams


Users and customers expect your systems to work and work well.

From Google, Amazon and Facebook they are used to using systems that are available, reliable and fast. When this is not the case with your systems it hurts you – you may lose customers, revenue, productivity, goodwill and reputation.

Our DevOps approach to site reliability engineering

We're known for our hands-on pragmatic approaches and technical depth. We have a long history of helping clients with complex architecture, cloud, software and system performance problems.

Our Site Reliability Engineering Teams bring a cross-functional DevOps approach to help you achieve reliable, efficient and responsive systems.

The service is delivered by experienced technical specialists, bringing together disciplines in:

  • Infrastructure and solution architecture
  • Software engineering
  • Operating system and network engineering
  • System administration
  • Cloud architecture, migration and implementation
  • Performance engineering and load testing
  • Production system monitoring
  • Technical problem solving and troubleshooting.

The types of work we do

We help with:

  • Reliability and availability of your systems, whatever platforms they run on
  • Latency to reduce the impact of networks, integration and distance
  • Load and response time - designing, monitoring and tuning for high performance
  • Capacity planning and demand forecasting to accurately service expected usage
  • Efficiency to maximise system capacity utilisation and minimise total cost of operation.

System scenarios

Working with the latest tools and approaches we help you with a variety of system scenarios, including:

  • Systems that run in the cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, hybrid cloud or on-premises
  • System usage that is continuously moving from Capex to Opex models
  • Systems involving complex relationships of vendors, integrations and platforms
  • Systems delivered using cross-functional, Agile and DevOps practices.