Warren Hughes

General Manager Cloud

+64 9 309 9450

Warren is the General Manager of our Cloud business. He is a high-energy business and IT leader who brings 27 years of IT experience, fresh ideas and a results focus to clients. He actively takes a client perspective and explores ways to help NZ organisations leverage the power of proven technologies and approaches. 

He has experience in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Partnering and channels
  • Product development
  • Technology leadership
  • IT and business transformation
  • Senior IT management.

Warren has previously held senior IT roles including at Lotto New Zealand, Farmlands and as Head of Product Development for Fronde.

In his General Manager role at Equinox IT Warren has launched cloud adoption services focused on the Microsoft Azure platform.

"Cloud has become a dominant technology used by New Zealand organisations. Microsoft Azure especially provides incredible opportunities for these organisations. We've built a team of some of the best cloud and Microsoft Azure architects and specialists in the New Zealand to help our clients successfully get outstanding results from their cloud investment."

He has experience in industries including retail, financial and banking, primary industries, research, utilities, health, FMCG industries, software and media.

Warren's high-energy style doesn't stop outside of work. He takes a keen interest in innovative technology businesses especially during their early growth stages. Warren love the outdoors and can be seen trying to avoid injury (and usually failing) skiing and mountain biking.



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