Starting with people...

We believe solving tough business problems starts with people.

We formed Equinox IT to do things better based on a fundamental belief in the power of people to achieve this. We aspired to build a company with 'balance' – where technology serves the business and where family, personal growth, social responsibility, diversity and sustainability are equal partners with profit, growth and commercial success.

This thinking and our values guide how we work today:

  • We aspire to enhance lives, accelerate careers, and see people flourish
  • We seek to understand our clients first and strive to make a real difference for them and the communities they serve
  • We call 'bullshit' on technology and practices that promise wonderful and magical things but inevitably fail to deliver.

Using this approach, we provide practitioner-based IT advice and expertise, training, and cloud and technology delivery services to help our clients solve their tough business problems.

Our people bring the insight, skills and ability needed by clients to deliver results better, faster and cheaper. We have over 50 people based in our Wellington and Auckland offices.