Getting the right result

In a world of rapid change and increasing digitisation, it is easy to get distracted with the numerous technology options available. But, now more than ever it is vital to focus first on your business and any changes required before focusing on the technology. Our consulting services focus on helping you understand your business problems and identify what needs to be achieved to deliver the right result for your business.

We help you...


Understand your business context

We will help you understand, map and communicate your business context using enterprise analysis and business architecture techniques. This will help you deliver the right result, aligned with your strategic direction, way of operating and capability.

Model your business processes

By modelling your business processes we will help you identify business problems, optimise ways of working and identify areas for automation.

Get your project started

We will help you with all parts of getting a project up and running, including preparing a business case for management approval; defining the scope; and writing RFI, RFP and other tender documents.

Resource your project team

IT projects are delivered by people, and we have some of the best people available.

Find out more about how Equinox IT can help you resource and deliver outstanding projects.

Solve your business problems

Using business analysis and requirements analysis approaches, we will work with you to analyse and understand your business problems and document, communicate and validate what is required to resolve these problems.

Ensure your business can continue

We help you to be ready when unexpected events occur, by analysing potential risks, identifying critical activities, and planning the continuity of your business.

Verify business and technology feasibility

Before you invest, we will help you verify that proposed business and technology changes are achievable and will deliver the required business results.

Manage the delivery of results

We will help you implement governance and project management approaches to establish clear accountability and decision making, ensuring that required business results are delivered.