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Application Support Managed Services

Let Equinox IT take care of your critical business applications, so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Application Support Managed Services offers a comprehensive application management and maintenance service for businesses looking to maximise their technology investment.

Application Support Managed Service

Expert-led application support

The Application Support Managed Services gives your business access to New Zealand-based service desk channels, Service Delivery Management and Specialist Application Support team.

The Specialist Application Support team provides technical assistance to your application users, including reactive support, proactive maintenance, advice and vendor management.

Access to our Specialist Application Support team is available during regular business hours. An optional 24 x 7 cover is available if your application requires extended support.

You also have access to a Trusted Advisor who can provide insights into your current application implementation, suggesting actions to increase the return on your investment through cost or operational optimisation, minor code changes or significant updates.

Easy onboarding for better outcomes

Understanding the results you expect from your application is as important as the application itself. We will undertake an extensive onboarding process to ensure we understand your application and how it fits into your business. Our Specialist Application Support team will focus on how the application works, its configuration and the outcomes your business expects.

We use our experience working with our client's internal technology teams and third-party support partners to provide a complete support solution. Or, if you are looking for a single support partner, our experience with custom application development, cloud and DevOps allows us to provide full-stack application support.

We customise our Application Support Managed Service to fit your requirements. We can make the service available independently or as part of a broader managed support agreement.

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