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Quality Assurance

Independent and objective assessments to support decision-making.

Digital investments can be complex, high-risk, and costly. Stakeholders need confidence that the governance, design and implementation of solutions are fit for purpose and will meet business requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our approach to assurance

Our team of principal and senior consultants make informed and rigorous yet practical assessments against relevant industry, government, and organisation standards and best practices.

At the heart of our assurance process is a people-centric approach, achieved with the professional rapport that our practitioners create with your team.

Documentation is essential, and we undertake rigorous and detailed reviews of these. However, your team's understanding of this material and their actual processes and practices are essential to the successful outcome of your investment.

The types of work we do

We work at several intervention points, from guidance during the programme and project initiation to assessing as-built solutions. Depending on the nature of the engagement, our team can also provide pragmatic remediation guidance and leadership.

We provide assurance across:

  • Project and programme, including ways of working.
  • Technical architecture and design.
  • Technical implementation, including code review.

Our assurance activity can be milestone based, especially suited to more rigorous compliance-focused assurance requirements, or undertaken in a continuous 'early and often' approach that provides corrective guidance when remediation costs and time are lower.


Our work, insights and some helpful resources

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