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Avoid cloud pitfalls and realise the many benefits of the cloud faster, better and cheaper.

Planning is critical to a disciplined and managed approach that supports your business strategy. It ensures your cloud investment delivers desired business outcomes, reaches financial expectations and lowers your risk profile.

We have designed the Kickstart Cloud service to help you avoid cloud pitfalls and realise the many benefits of the cloud.

Cloud strategy

Why Kickstart Cloud

Kickstart Cloud is a pragmatic approach to creating and executing a plan to implement cloud services, helping you achieve these goals.

With your team, we assess your current situation, recommend a way forward and prepare an actionable cloud roadmap. 

Our team brings their expertise to help plan, adapt and refine your use of the latest technologies and practices.

Understanding strategy and people interactions

We start by understanding your business and technology strategies and what you need to be successful in the short, medium and long term.

Next, we focus on the people—understanding how your staff, clients and partners interact with you using technology. We draw a model of how your systems serve people today and how that could be in the future.

A plan is formed

We will design your future cloud architecture using our Cloud Foundations framework and create a plan to move you along that path.

The Cloud Foundations framework is based on vendor best practices and prepares you for Cloud Transformation and DevOps and Agile Adoption.

Using Cloud Foundations makes it easy to deliver your business strategy and meet your requirements, with considerations for topics such as risk, availability, security, compliance and operational efficiency.


Working together: your people are the best people

Our worldview is all about people over process over platform. Unlocking true business value from the cloud involves re-imagining how technology serves your people.

A people-first approach allows us to co-create your cloud architecture with your team, adopting modern tools and techniques while using stable and secure cloud platforms.  

During the project, our cloud experts ensure that your team members acquire the knowledge necessary to maintain the new cloud environment so that your business continues to benefit from this investment.

This collaborative work will help your team adopt modern tools and techniques while safely delivering the desired outcomes. We'll look to share our knowledge with your people, helping them flourish in the new cloud and DevOps environment.

Beyond the cloud

Once in the cloud, we want you to get the most out of your new platform. We'll work with you and your team to strive for operational excellence and continuous improvement. 

Kickstart Cloud: strategy, plan, results

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