Bill Ross

Principal Consultant

+64 4 499 9450

Bill is a Principal Consultant with broad technical IT experience and a specialist focus on application and software architecture. He provides independent advice to our clients to help them make the best technical and architectural decisions for their needs. With over 25 years of IT experience he is known and trusted by our clients to pragmatically help them achieve the IT direction and results that they need.

He has considerable experience in helping our clients with:

  • Solution architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Software design
  • Technical and software quality assurance
  • Agile architecture
  • Object oriented analysis and design
  • Unified modelling language
  • Software development process improvement.

He has held IT leadership roles both at Equinox IT and other organisations and has broad industry experience including banking, government, education, energy and utilities, defence and transport.

"Making the right technical decisions today is much harder. The range of technologies and solutions is vast. The architecture of those technologies is more complex. Generally, more suppliers are involved and each intends to not take the blame when technology goes wrong. My role is to help clients work through this technology and architectural complexity to make the right decisions for their needs, today and into the future."

Bill is also one of Equinox IT's certified instructors, delivering training courses on solution architecture and agile architecture.

He is a TOGAF Certified Practitioner and a Certified ScrumMaster. He has a Bachelor of Business Studies in Information Systems and a National Computer Centre Certificate in Systems Analysis and Design.

Outside of work Bill has a (mostly) grown up family and enjoys tramping and bush walks, astronomy, and reading about the history and philosophy of science.



Examples of Bill's work

Architecture and technical quality assurance
  • Architecture advice for an education sector organisation

    What we did: Provided advisory and review services to support, guide and mentor the client’s information systems team to help them develop key enterprise architecture deliverables to support the client’s business and IT strategies. Activities included facilitating client workshops, identifying technical architecture issues, identifying candidate architecture options to pragmatically address issues, identifying candidate architecture artefacts and deliverables, prioritising and planning architecture activities, and mentoring and reviewing enterprise architecture development.

    Deliverables: Architectural issues, candidate architecture options, candidate architecture artefacts and deliverables, findings and recommendations.

  • Business case technical input for a central government agency

    What we did: Provision of architecture services to identify candidate architectures, define scope, investigate technical options, and estimate costs as input into a business case for the client to undertake a three-year programme of work to modernise its core system. The programme also included modernising the client’s software development approach and Equinox IT helped define the introduction of new development and delivery approaches as part of the business case. Activities included defining an architectural target state for the modernisation programme; facilitating workshops and meetings with stakeholders and vendors to define, refine, and validate the business case and estimates; and developing a costing and estimation model.

    Deliverables: The completion and approval of the project business case.

  • Core systems architecture services for a telecommunications organisation

    What we did: Equinox IT reviewed and assessed the client’s core system architecture's and interdependencies; their software development practices, team capability, and code quality; and undertook a specific investigation into the impact of switching billing intervals. Activities included facilitating discovery workshops with the key system stakeholders and the development team; analysing the core systems architecture, data, and interdependencies; and reporting on findings.

    Deliverables: Findings and recommendations report.

  • Enterprise architecture services for a private sector organisation

    What we did: Equinox IT delivered services to establish an enterprise architecture that was aligned with the client's strategic direction and helped address organisational solution and data management issues.

    Deliverables: Enterprise architecture principles, current state enterprise architecture model, inputs for 3-year programme plan, and enterprise architecture roadmap models.

  • Introducing enterprise architecture using Sparx EA tool for a central government agency

    What we did: Equinox IT worked with the client’s architecture team to introduce the use of an enterprise architecture using the Sparx EA tool. Activities included establishing the EA repository structure - including the initial high-level modelling for the business, applications, data, and systems layers of the enterprise architecture; applying the GCIO EA taxonomy to the EA model; delivering training on Sparx EA, UML, and BPMN; writing usage guidelines for the repository and working with the architecture team to establish the conventions, standards, and patterns; and working with the client’s vendors to identify information sources such as CMDB and establishment of the technical reference model (TRM).

    Deliverables: Sparx EA repository and base model, GCIO EA taxonomy, Sparx EA training, Sparx EA usage guidelines and technical reference model.

  • Source code IP investigation for a private sector organisation

    What we did: Equinox IT provided technical services to compare two bodies of computer source code from two different organisations and provide expert opinion on whether one set of code was derived in terms of algorithms, structure, or inherit logic from the other. Activities included liaising with court appointed independent solicitor; establishing a code comparison approach, methodology, and tools; understanding the business domain context of both sets of source code; and undertaking code analysis and analysing evidence.

    Deliverables: Expert opinion report of findings and conclusions.

  • Technical core business system options for a central government agency

    What we did: Equinox IT provided architecture services to help a central government agency identify and evaluate the main high-level options for the future of a core business system. Activities included identifying and evaluating medium and long-term technical options for the core business system, determining pros, cons, and indicative costs for each option, and working with key stakeholders to evaluate the options and provide recommendations.

    Deliverables: Option analysis report.

  • Technical quality assurance of vendor deliverables for a central government agency

    What we did: Equinox IT provided technical quality assurance of vendor deliverables for a central government agency. Activities included technical evaluation of RFP responses from perspective vendors; assessing the capability of the vendors to successfully undertake the work; establishing a statement of work and technical acceptance criteria; reviewing the architectural and technical deliverables to ensure appropriateness and quality; and reviewing ongoing technical deliverables from each iteration.

    Deliverables: Evaluation findings, assessment findings, statement of work, acceptance criteria, review findings and recommendations.

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