DevOps and Agile

Application Modernisation and Software Development

Applications and software are indispensable in your business.

Applications and software are part of everything you do. For many things, you will use software that is available with a pre-determined set of features. But in unique areas, you'll need applications and software that meet your needs.

App modernisation and software development

Every need is different

We right-size our service to your needs. Sometimes that means a single systems analyst or developer working on your software project. Other times it may mean sharing knowledge and coaching your team to deliver optimally. Or it may mean fully outsourcing your development or maintenance to our team.

We believe that any successful outcome starts with people, which is why we focus on creating the right environment for your and our people to thrive. We take a human-centred approach to our work, focusing on co-creation, coaching, training and knowledge sharing.

Working with full-stack developers

We can help you whenever your business has specific needs that require full-stack app development:

  • Application modernisation to realise the full potential of cloud platforms.
  • Process digitisation to make work quicker and simpler.
  • Mobile app development for rich and convenient client services.
  • Technical debt reduction by complementing or replacing legacy services.
  • Idea productisation, helping you create the next big software success story.
  • Systems integration to unite processes and information.
  • Platform customisation to better meet your needs.
App modernisation and software development

Latest development technologies

Our Agile development teams and software developers can apply today's latest technologies for mobile and web development, app modernisation, integration and full-stack software development, including:

  • Task management and Kanban: Azure Boards, GitHub Project Boards, Miro, LeanKit, Trello
  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Vue.js, Angular, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, JSON, Bootstrap, Typescript, Node.js, D3.js
  • Full-stack languages: .Net / C#, .Net Core, Java, Python, PHP
  • Data and databases: SQLServer, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle SQL Developer, SQLite, Entity Framework Core
  • Testing: Azure DevOps Test, Cucumber / Gherkin, Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor, Rollbar, Nightwatch.js, Karma JS, Silk Test, SoapUI, Jest
  • Code analysis and coverage: Azure DevOps Test, Azure Pipelines, SonarCloud, Istanbul.js
  • Integration and API management: Tasktop, Nest.js, WS02
  • Security: Azure Security Centre / Active Directory / DDoS protection, TruffleHog
  • Cloud platforms: Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Version Control: Azure Repos, GibHub, Git, Bitbucket, Subversion
  • Team platforms: Azure DevOps, GitHub, JIRA, Confluence
  • Automation, CI/CD & infrastructure as code: PowerShell, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Pipelines, GitHub, Jenkins, Ansible
  • Application monitoring: Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights
  • Business intelligence: PowerBI, Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Synapse Analytics, Tableau.

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