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GitHub Verified Partner

We are a GitHub Verified Partner and experts at modernising software development with DevOps approaches.

GitHub provides a fast, reliable and scalable platform for software development, source code management, automation and delivery for software-driven companies.

GitHub Verified Partner

You want to innovate at scale

Your clients are demanding more, causing you to look at software-based services innovation to differentiate your business. When innovating at scale you need tools to collaborate across your organization so you can develop and deliver with confidence.

You need effective software automation and a secure code-to-cloud path to increase velocity and quality.

GitHub supports your DevOps and Agile practices

You can align GitHub and your DevOps and Agile practices to include continuous integration, compliance, management and quality automation policies.

The suite includes GitHub Issues and GitHub Projects, a set of developer-friendly tools for tracking bugs, work items and Kanban-style planning.

Innovation needs security

Security and compliance tools in GitHub Advanced Security provide a rich set of features for securing every part of your software development lifecycle.

With GitHub you can scan and protect your code, create code-to-cloud DevSecOps workflows, as well as understand and secure your software supply chain.

Your teams will thank you

Because GitHub is the most widely used developer toolset in the world, your team is empowered with the tools they know. You can easily and quickly attract, onboard, grow and retain high-functioning DevOps teams.

GitHub help

How Equinox IT can help you adopt GitHub

Equinox IT is a GitHub Verified Partner. This means we can help you build solutions with GitHub and provide the technical expertise to enable your DevOps teams.

We can help you build solutions with GitHub and provide the technical expertise to enable your DevOps teams.

Your teams will be more productive and able to respond to change quicker and deliver more.


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