DevOps and Agile

Automation and CI/CD

Streamline and automate, unleashing continuous efficiency.

Modern organisations work continuously, introducing changes, delivering value to their customers and stakeholders and accepting feedback that influences more changes, repeating the cycle.

Automating the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) of code and platforms align your technical team, processes and technology to this way of doing business, scaling benefits, reducing errors and speeding up results.

Automation and CI/CD

Delivering continuous change

CI/CD sounds technical, but it starts with simple principles and practices adopted by teams to deliver code changes frequently and error-free.

Under Continuous Integration, development teams implement small code changes faster. The integration and validation of these changes are automated to improve efficiency and speed.

Likewise, Continuous Delivery involves building, packaging and testing applications in an automated way, reducing operational errors. 

These practices eliminate manual processes, leading to faster, more regular and trusted deployments. You improve efficiencies by identifying and removing constraints, unleashing the delivery of value and creativity in the development process. 

The right tools and expertise

Our team has experience delivering CI/CD and monitoring operations with teams in different industries and sizes. 

We use tools like Microsoft Azure Pipelines or GitHub Actions to automate software workflows to build web, desktop and mobile applications for cloud or on-premises operations.

Agile starts with people

Automation starts with people

We recommend a people over process over platform approach. Your people are critical to the success of DevOps and Agile in your organisation. Your processes will need to change to handle the new pace of change. Then you will need the right technology platforms for automation and management.

Putting your people first reduces risk and delivers results faster, improving team happiness and attracting talent.


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