Brendon Livingstone

Marketing and Communications Manager

+64 4 499 9450

Brendon is Equinox IT's Marketing and Communications Manager. He sees marketing as an extension of the other services we provide to our clients, so works with our team to deliver client value through leadership events, useful content and insightful updates. Equinox IT consultants, in collaboration with the marketing function, also regularly share their experience and knowledge through blog posts, LinkedIn, industry events, conference presentations and newsletters.

Brendon started in IT in 1993 and as a business analyst has lived and breathed the tough business problems and complex IT projects that today he markets Equinox IT services for. For over 6 years Brendon also managed Equinox IT's training business. He has experience in:

  • General business management
  • Company and marketing strategy and planning
  • Brand management
  • Company communications
  • Market research
  • Campaign delivery
  • Event management
  • Digital, social, email, content, and account-based marketing approaches
  • Business analysis

"When people engage with Equinox IT, whether it be through our website, at one of our events or through our services, we want them to have a consistent experience based on the Equinox IT values relating to people, knowledge sharing, making a difference, openness and integrity, and team-based collaboration. We really focus on marketing being fully aligned with everything else we do at Equinox IT, with the intent of adding value to our clients."

Brendon takes on many of the smart and modern business and IT approaches we utilise at Equinox IT, such as Agile, Kanban, Cynefin and Lean Start-up, and applies them to marketing in a pragmatic, minimal waste and results-focused manner.

He has an appetite for continuous learning and personal growth both formal and informal. In addition to his Bachelor Degree and an IT Diploma he also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) achieved with Distinction from Victoria University of Wellington. He holds the Certified Agile Leadership 1 credential, advanced and foundation Design Thinking certificates from IDEO-U and two marketing certificates from the New Zealand Marketing Association.

Outside of work Brendon focuses on fitness, healthy eating, audio books, life hacking and family.



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