Graham Pohl

Principal Consultant

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Graham is a Principal Consultant with expertise in IT strategy, architecture, development and operations. He makes a substantial contribution to our clients by helping them make excellent technical, structural and cultural decisions for their organisations. He brings over 19 years of technical leadership, architectural and IT consulting experience and is known and trusted by clients to reliably deliver the advice and results they need to succeed.

He has specialist skills and an enviable market reputation for helping clients with:

  • IT strategy and roadmaps
  • IT operating model and organisational structure
  • Digital Service Design
  • Engineering reliable services that support continuous change at small and large scale
  • Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Software, Infrastructure, Data and Business Architecture
  • Identity Management
  • Technical Quality Assurance
  • MicroServices and API design.

While Graham has excellent technical pedigree he is also very skilled at slotting into an organisation, understanding constraints, and working collaboratively with a diverse range of people to deliver the required outcome.

"I have deep technical and architectural experience, but I believe what truly sets me apart is my ability to understand what is required and then navigate the complex dynamics of organisations to consistently deliver what the client needs."

Graham has a broad range of industry experience including central and local government, finance and banking, publishing, not-for-profit, education, health, retail, logistics, recreation and galleries archives and museums.

He is also an Equinox IT certified instructor, delivering architecture training courses.

Graham holds a Bachelor of Science with first class honours from The Open University. He has multiple IT certifications including Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified System Administrator, Cisco Certified Network Associate, TrendMicro Certified Security Expert and VMWare Certified Professional.

In his spare time Graham has a voracious appetite for physical exercise including cycling, skiing and swimming.



Examples of Graham's work

Architecture and technical quality assurance
  • Architectural leadership for a central government agency

    What we did: Equinox IT provided architectural oversight of an IT programme to support the Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP). Activities included reviewing and updating elements of the ISSP; taking responsibility for architectural standards, patterns and direction for core and secondary business systems; modelling the current architecture state; creating a risk-based roadmap for technology refresh; advising on structure, roles and candidate selection; reviewing architecture practices; aligning architectural processes with continuous delivery, operations and service management; and creating a technology roadmap for core business systems and infrastructure.

    Deliverables: Updated ISSP, current state architecture models, technology roadmaps, updated architecture processes and practices.

  • Architectural recommendations for a consortia of local authorities

    What we did: Equinox IT worked with a consortia of local authorities, who had agreed a shared strategic plan, to support and progress shared service and collaboration opportunities that would benefit their combined regions. As part of the programme, Equinox IT was asked to undertake an ICT services assessment and report on findings and recommendations. Activities included identifying current state, issues, opportunities and options for shared services across the consortia; performing a capability assessment of fibre networks across the region; and documenting findings and recommendations.

    Deliverables: Findings and recommendations report.

  • Architecture advice for an education sector organisation

    What we did: Provided advisory and review services to support, guide and mentor the client’s information systems team to help them develop key enterprise architecture deliverables to support the client’s business and IT strategies. Activities included facilitating client workshops, identifying technical architecture issues, identifying candidate architecture options to pragmatically address issues, identifying candidate architecture artefacts and deliverables, prioritising and planning architecture activities, and mentoring and reviewing enterprise architecture development.

    Deliverables: Architectural issues, candidate architecture options, candidate architecture artefacts and deliverables, findings and recommendations.

  • Architecture practice improvement for an education sector organisation

    What we did: Equinox IT provided architecture services to an education sector organisation to help them implement an effective architecture practice. Activities included improving strategic planning capability – particularly the creation of meaningful roadmaps and plans to communicate direction outside of the information systems team; pragmatically capturing and modelling data, processes and systems using an open standard modelling language (ArchiMate); clarifying the purpose and scope of systems across the organisation; reviewing appropriate reference architectures and standards (Educause NGDLE, SCORM…); creating architectural principles and standards, and embedding them throughout analysis, design and implementation; improving the architecture team's consulting capability and working relationship with client business units outside of IT; aligning architectural processes with programme, project and change management, development and operation's processes; and mentoring the new architect roles as the practice was embedded.

    Deliverables: Architecture team principles, standards and practices; introduction of ArchiMate; and architecture team capability improvement.

  • Core business system infrastructure design for a central government agency

    What we did: Providing infrastructure design and establishing an operating model to provide stable and effective operational support for a central government core business system undergoing a major refresh. The system represented the first use by the client of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Equinox IT also enabled the client to have the future flexibility to contractually separate solution hosting, operational support, application support, and the actual staffing of the operation to separate vendors. We provided the infrastructure and deployment architecture needed to ensure clean separation of these concerns.

    Deliverables: Pre-production and production infrastructure design including mapping of the CMO (Current Mode of Operation) to the FMO (Future Mode of Operation); aligning IaaS, backup and network services with operational support model; service assurance roles and resource assurance roles; identification of risk likelihood and consequence, applicable controls and residual risk profile; identity and access management.

  • Enterprise architecture advice for a GLAM sector organisation

    What we did: The incoming client CTO for a GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) sector client engaged Equinox IT to review the technology strategic plan and capital works programme, to provide guidance on whether their plan and projects were the best way to deliver on strategic business objectives, and whether the structure, processes, capability and capacity of the technology team were optimal to deliver the plan and work programme. The client was also establishing a programme management office (PMO), and had recently created a digital directorate, that were both implementing new planning and governance processes with a significant technology impact. Their proposed processes were reviewed and feedback provided to improve the alignment with technology planning and delivery.

    Deliverables: Technology strategic plan review; technology capital works programme review; structure, roles and candidate selection advice; PMO and digital directorate process review.

  • Independent technical quality assurance for a central government agency

    What we did: Equinox IT provided independent technical quality assurance for a central government agency for their infrastructure programmes including their merger with other organisations, the migration of their networks to an alternative provider, and migration and consolidation of datacentres. Activities included advising on structure, roles and candidate selection; reviewing the existing infrastructure roadmap; reviewing cross-project technical concerns; and facilitating cross-project technical collaboration between architects and technical leads.

    Deliverables: Review findings and recommendations.

  • Infrastructure architecture services for a non-profit organisation

    What we did: Equinox IT provided architecture services to identify, validate and blueprint the infrastructure required to support their strategic goals. This involved defining architectural principles and identifying and prioritising initiatives that would support organisational outcomes. We also provided enterprise architecture representation on the client’s ICT Architecture and Design Governance Meetings. Equinox IT also led the evaluation of approaches to digitise the client’s customer records, identifying a solution that more closely aligned with the client’s principles, requirements and operating model, and that could be implemented in a more progressive, cost-effective Agile manner. We assisted the client throughout the engagement of multiple vendors, and the establishment of ongoing vendor and change management practices to support iterative enhancement and support.

    Deliverables: Draft Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP), represent Enterprise Architecture at ICT Architecture and Design Governance, options analysis for digitisation of customer records, assistance with vendor engagement, assistance with establishing ongoing vendor and change management practices to support ongoing iterative enhancement and support.

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