Jason Swain

    Senior Solution Architect


    Jason Swain

    Jason is a Senior Solution Architect at Equinox IT, where he specialises in understanding and documenting business requirements and translating them into well-architected solutions that can be implemented efficiently.

    He has worked as a Solution Architect in several large international projects, including an Internet bank, retail counter services supporting around 12,000 branches and a large data model transformation project for HM Revenue & Customs Services in the UK.

    He has a B.A. Honors degree in Computer Science as well as a B.Com in Economics from Otago University and is an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate.

    Some of the areas Jason can help you with:

    • Domain-driven design and event-driven architectures.
    • Development team topologies and practices.
    • Cloud architecture and deployment, Infrastructure as Code.
    • Mobile app architecture.
    • Cloud and application security.
    • Technology selection.
    • Architecture review and compliance.
    • Solution implementation.
    • Business requirements and requirements management.
    • Project budget and timelines.
    • Solution maintenance, migrations and upgrades.