Jason Walker

    Technical Lead


    Jason Walker

    Jason is a keen, technically-minded development leader who thrives on growing the capability of those around him, improving development processes and delivering reliable software.

    An outcome-focused and pragmatic person, he wants to bring success to the team first, then the user and ultimately the customer.

    His experience includes:

    • .NET Framework, .Net Core, C#, MVC.Net, EF, Node.js, Marten, Vue.js, React
    • MS SQL, Postgres, MySQL, Mongo, Cosmos DB
    • Application Architecture (Event and Domain-driven, statistical analysis)
    • Solution Architecture (API, Queues, Event Broker, Event Stream, Event Source)
    • Azure, PaaS, DevOps, ML, Service Bus, Event Hub, Static Web App, Azure Functions
    • Terraform, Docker, PowerShell
    • Technical Leadership (Mentoring, Agile Practice, Planning)
    • AWS, Aurora, EC2, S3

    He typically works on data-driven websites with complex business domains and challenging integration problems. Jason is enthusiastic about good Agile and DevOps practices and automated testing.