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Every day, hundreds of New Zealanders rely on the country’s largest vehicle inspection service provider VTNZ, to inspect and certify the safety of their vehicle.

To strengthen their position in the market VTNZ have invested in their technology capability including modernising aging infrastructure, upgrading their vehicle inspection app and expanding their internal IT capability with remote development teams.


Due to the cost of having the existing vehicle inspection system across all 80 VTNZ sites nationwide, including mobile sites, not all branches were using the system – meaning VTNZ couldn’t get a full picture of their vehicle inspection data.

VTNZ’s vehicle inspection system was also soon due to be retired. This presented an opportunity for VTNZ to build their inspection system rather than relying on a third party for a mission-critical system.


VTNZ engaged the services of our team to help develop and build the inspection app and provide technical leadership for remote development teams.

VTNZ used a Software Development Technical Lead, a Programme Manager, an Enterprise Architect and a Developer to support the build of the inspection app.

The team used modern Agile software development approaches to develop and build the app pragmatically.

The vehicle inspection software was developed as a generic inspection backend so that it could be customised for use across multiple facets of the business in the future, for example for use as a health and safety app.

The team designed the app for simplicity and ease of use to assist with fast and convenient uptake by vehicle inspectors and to help achieve a seamless rollout across the branches.

Coaching and mentoring were provided throughout the build of the inspection software to support future development and builds to be done in an Agile way.

Bringing the Equinox IT team on board to help us develop the app really accelerated our capabilities inhouse. Our team are now in a position to develop new apps for the business using the platform Equinox IT built for our vehicle inspection requirements, and they can do it in an Agile way through practicing the approaches implemented through this project.
Sean Davidson

General Manager, Business Systems & Technology


With a cloud-based mobile vehicle inspection system delivered by the now larger in-house IT capability, VTNZ is in a better position to compete in NZ’s motor vehicle market.

The generic inspection asset developed for VTNZ allows the in-house IT teams to innovate in other areas of their business and to do it at a lower cost.

The simple and modernised interface made for very efficient and fast uptake for the end users. Initial training was projected to take one to two days, depending on whether a person had used the app or not. Instead it only took several hours on average.

The app is significantly cheaper to operate with it being managed and supported in-house.

Due to the cost being lower VTNZ could roll the app out to all 80 branches, and around 120 mobile sites, meaning they now have a full picture of all inspections across the business.

Utilising Microsoft Azure and Logic apps VTNZ could now hook the data into their data warehouse and run Power BI to enhance data visualisation and support business decisions.

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