Cloud-Powered Strategies: Elevating Business Excellence through Cloud Operating Models

We all look for better strategies to embrace cloud platforms and services in ways that support the flexibility needed to adapt quickly to market changes, align with business objectives and improve return on investment.

The key to sound cloud adoption is defining and understanding your cloud operating model, which includes principles, processes and procedures that will guide you on your cloud journey.

In this webinar, Aravindh Rajagopalan, Equinox IT, leans on his strategic planning and cloud implementation experience to unravel the transformative impact of cloud operating models and how these can elevate operational excellence to new heights.

Guest speaker Chief Technology Officer Alexandra Smart, Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI), will also relate their experience embracing the cloud and using cloud operating models to make the transition easier and risk-free.

You will learn: 

  • Why cloud adoption is difficult.
  • Why cloud maturity is a thing.
  • Our Cloud Operating Model worldview.
  • Benefits of a Cloud Operating Model.
  • Where to start with Kickstart Cloud.

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