Evolutionary leadership for when things are tough and tight

In today's economic landscape, leaders are often required to navigate through the stormy seas of cost reduction and stringent budgets, all while maintaining team morale and productivity. "Evolutionary Leadership for When Things are Tough and Tight" is designed to arm you with the tools and mindset necessary to survive and thrive in such challenging conditions.

This session will introduce you to SHIFT3.14 Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF) elements, which offers a comprehensive guide for organizational evolution to give you some practical next steps for improving your team.

As you learn the importance of "putting on your oxygen mask first", Michael introduces a simple yet effective awareness and breathing method for immediate stress alleviation to increase resourcefulness. With the understanding that results come through people, you will learn some basic practices to include your team in collaborative decision-making to use challenges and crises to move them towards higher levels of functioning, thus turning seeming problems into opportunities for growth.

Learning objectives:

  • Equip participants with immediate personal resourcing techniques to enhance clarity and decision-making in tight situations.
  • Introduce the SHIFT3.14 Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF) to support delivery and organisational development.
  • Practical steps to provide an inclusive and moral-building approach to tackle big challenges.

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