When systems escape to the cloud

We often work with organisations whose systems haven’t been properly released to the cloud, but rather have ‘escaped to the cloud’. This can lead to increased costs, security and compliance risks, production failures and operational complexities.

We believe organisations can move to the cloud safely and quickly when they take a more disciplined approach.

Why move to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud may accelerate the future success of your organisation. Many of today's most successful organisations leverage cloud to:

  • Deliver value faster
  • Reduce cost, complexity and risk
  • Improve business continuity and confidence
  • Enable greater organisational agility
  • Provide better, more flexible, digital customer experiences.

We bring the factors critical to Cloud success

  • We take the pain out of cloud and DevOps with stable and secure platforms
  • We reduce risk, helping you move to the cloud safely and iteratively
  • We plan and achieve cost effective cloud results
  • We co-create with your team, to adopt modern tools and techniques
  • We bring real-world experience to avoid "traps for young players".