Kickstart Cloud

When systems escape to the cloud

We often work with organisations whose systems haven’t been properly released to the cloud, but rather have ‘escaped to the cloud’. This can lead to increased costs, security and compliance risks, production failures and operational complexities.

We believe organisations can move to the cloud safely and quickly when they take a more disciplined approach.

Why move to the cloud

Moving to the cloud may accelerate the future success of your organisation. Many of today's most successful organisations leverage the cloud to:

  • Deliver value faster
  • Reduce cost, complexity and risk
  • Improve business continuity and confidence
  • Enable greater organisational agility
  • Provide better, more flexible, digital customer experiences.

We bring the factors critical to Cloud success

  • We take the pain out of cloud and DevOps with stable and secure platforms
  • We reduce risk, helping you move to the cloud safely and iteratively
  • We plan and achieve cost effective cloud results
  • We co-create with your team, to adopt modern tools and techniques
  • We bring real-world experience to avoid "traps for young players".

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Kickstart Cloud

Moving to the cloud quickly and safely with Kickstart Cloud

While every one of our cloud engagements is different, most follow our blue ribbon through our Plan, Accelerate and Optimise path, iterating regularly throughout the journey.


Equinox IT Kickstart Cloud Framework - Plan, Accelerate, Optimise

Our Kickstart Cloud framework is designed as a disciplined approach, helping you avoid cloud pitfalls to realise the many cloud benefits.

Kickstart Cloud framework Description
Plan Planning is key to taking a disciplined and managed approach, ensuring your cloud investment supports your business intent, financial expectations and risk profile. We'll work with you to assess your current situation, recommend a way forward and prepare an actionable cloud roadmap. 
Accelerate We then help you accelerate along your Cloud journey with our Cloud Foundations framework and Azure DevOps innovate workshops. Cloud Foundations will create a "just enough documentation, just in time" design covering critical considerations such as architecture, governance, financial management, security, risk, availability, business continuity, compliance, operational efficiency and automated deployment. We'll then migrate your workloads and services to the cloud and enable your teams to work in new DevOps ways.
Optimise Once in the cloud we want you to get the most out of your new platform. We'll work with you and your team to strive for operational excellence and continuous improvement. Our worldview is all about people over process over platform, so we'll look to share our knowledge with your people to help them flourish in the new cloud and DevOps environment.


Claim your free Kickstart Cloud Workshop today

Whether you looking to move to the cloud or are having issues with systems that have escaped to the cloud, our free Kickstart Cloud workshop will help you find the right way forward.

During the two-hour workshop we'll work with you to:

  • Assess your current cloud state
  • Provide insights from our cloud and DevOps experts
  • Agree a way forward to help you fix issues and move to the cloud quickly and safely.

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The types of work we do

We work with a range of clients helping them to deliver successful cloud projects. Examples of our work include:

  • Architecting cloud frameworks that provide cost, risk and security benefits
  • Migrating workloads and applications to Microsoft Azure or AWS
  • Moving teams to Windows Remote Desktop, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365
  • Developing and maintaining cloud applications and automated scripts
  • Enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ways of working
  • Managing cloud costs, risks, compliance and security
  • Establishing business continuity, fail-over and backup services
  • Training and coaching teams to work productively with cloud and DevOps
  • Optimising cloud for operational efficiency and continuous improvement
  • Trouble-shooting cloud and DevOps issues
  • 24/7 cloud platform, application and toolset support and management.

Our team includes expert principal consultants, cloud architects, DevOps specialists and software developers.



Microsoft Gold Partner for the DevOps, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity and Application Development competenciesWe are a Microsoft Gold Partner for the DevOps, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity and Application Development competencies and a Silver Partner for Security, Data Analytics, Application Integration, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Collaboration and Content competencies. We are experts on the Azure platform and also work with a range of other cloud platforms including AWS.


We are New Zealand's only GitHub Verified Partner, reflecting our technical capabilities to deliver first-class services to clients.


Ingram Micro CloudWe also partner with Ingram Micro Cloud to meet all of your cloud platform needs.



Aravindh Rajagopalan, Cloud Business Consultant, Equinox IT Auckland

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