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Advance your organisation with astute business change.

Change as usual

We live in a world of increasingly rapid change. To remain relevant and to accelerate in this world your organisation must continuously change too. 'Business as usual' is dead. Welcome to the world of 'change as usual'.

Deliver Change

Our business change services take a variety of forms depending on what you need. We start by helping you to identify the change that is required and then work with you to deliver the change, from strategy to implementation.

Accelerate performance

Equinox IT is the only NZ-owned consulting company to sponsor the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (CISR). Our expert advice is based on some of the best international research to help you accelerate your business performance.

What we offer


Strategic planning

Top performing organisations make a strategic choice on how they will operate in an increasingly digital world. They articulate direction and establish the right operating model, capabilities and governance to achieve the required results.

​​Our Strategic Planning service will help you to become a top performing organisation in this digital world. We take a deep look at your organisation and work with you to:

  • A​rticulate direction
  • Build business capability
  • Identify your future operating model
  • Align your digital platforms
  • Establish governance
  • Prepare an on-going strategic roadmap
  • Implement change programmes to deliver your business intent​​.

Enterprise analysis and business architecture

Manage and communicate change within your organisation using a blueprint of your fundamental business capabilities - people, processes, systems and information.

We believe it is important to establish a strong understanding of your business to provide the suitable context for any business change activity. With our enterprise analysis and business architecture services we work with you to:

  • Understand your business inten​t
  • Model your business processes
  • Identify primary activities and capabilities
  • Scope business change
  • Manage and communicate change​​.​

Business rules management

Business rules are one of the best opportunities to improve your business.

​Business rules are the facts that define your business and the decision logic that guides your operations. Using business rules, we will help you to:

  • Understand your business and its intent
  • Set a blueprint for business change, using a policy charter
  • Simplify your business by separating business rules out as a central asset
  • Rapidly change your business by changing your rules.

Business case development

Before you invest, know that the change meets your organisation's criteria for approval.

It is important to invest in those projects that will provide the greatest return on investment for your organisation.​ We will work with you to:

  • ​Understand the problem and the change required
  • Investigate the options to resolve the problem
  • Analyse the cost and benefits of making the change
  • Determine the work and resourcing required
  • Identify important risks
  • Document and present the business case.

Tender and bid management

Get the most suitable suppliers to help you with your business change activities.

​Business change often requires the involvement of specialist suppliers to help you make the change. We can help you manage the tender and bid process to select suppliers.​ We will help you to:

  • ​Prepare your RFI, RFP and other tender documents
  • Evaluate the responses
  • Shortlist and select preferred suppliers
  • Notify responders of results. 

Business continuity

Be ready to continue operations when unexpected change impacts your business.

Smart organisations are aware of the risks to their business and have plans in place to continue operations.​ Our business continuity service will help you to:

  • ​Identify your critical processes and systems
  • Identify potential risks
  • Establish risk mitigations and disaster recovery plans
  • Implement failsafe systems
  • Test your business continuity.​​​​

Business analysis

Understand and resolve your business problems to enable business change.

Business analysis is a fundamental activity to ensure that projects deliver against the strategic intent and needs of your organisation.​ Our business analysis service will help you to:

  • Model and understand your business
  • ​Understand the business problems that need to be resolved
  • Manage and validate project requirements.​

Feasibility studies

Before you invest, know that the business and technology changes that you are planning are achievable and will deliver the required business results.

We address the root causes behind your business and technology change to confirm the change is achievable and will deliver the expected return on investment.​ We will help you to:

  • ​Confirm proposed business and technology change is achievable
  • Prove technology and platform compatibility
  • Ensure ROI is optimised
  • Confirm skilled workers are available
  • Be aware of the constraints and risks​.​​​

Data visualisation

Make informed business decisions based on a clear understanding of the complex relationships in your data.

Your organisation has data, lots of it. There is important information and relationships that you don't understand hidden in that data. And you need to communicate that data in a way that people can understand. Our Data Visualisation service helps you to understand complex data and relationships. And it helps you to clearly and visually communicate that important information to those who need to understand.​​​​

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