David Reiss



    David Reiss

    David Reiss and Deane Sloan are Equinox IT's Co-CEOs.

    In addition to his company leadership responsibilities, David also runs Equinox IT's Cloud strategy, leads a specialist team of expert consultants and engages directly with our clients as a Principal Consultant. David helps clients to adapt their businesses; by cleverly using technology to refine operations, customer interactions and even create entirely new business models.

    Equinox IT has intentionally adopted this client-centric Co-CEO model, allowing the company to stay at the forefront of the changing ways of working and keeping a finger on the pulse with clients.

    David has been with the company since 2016, holding the roles of Principal Consultant and General Manager Auckland. He brings a wealth of experience from his earlier 14 years at Spark Digital, where he held roles in consulting, marketing and sales.

    He has specialist skills in the following:

    • Company leadership, strategic direction and business management
    • Consulting, business case development and stakeholder alignment
    • Digital transformation, technology strategy and planning
    • Technology leadership and architecture
    • Scoping and leading cloud implementation and migration
    • DevOps, Agile and other new ways of working
      Business and cultural change management
    • Proposition development, sales and marketing.

    "Businesses evolving quickly is the new normal. Deane and I love being both Co-CEOs and Principal Consultants because that means we can bring our clients’ needs into how we run our business in real-time. We’re both passionate about what Equinox IT stands for and how we can help the digital evolution of New Zealand organisation."

    David is also a speaker and author, with articles in various print and online publications, including his popular LinkedIn articles that have a local and global following.

    He has been through the Gen-i Sales Academy at Waikato University.

    When not at work David cures and smokes delicious meats.

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