Beyond unicorns: a fresh approach to building exceptional teams

Let's shift our gaze from the corporate jargon to the human aspect of hiring. Explore the art of identifying and nurturing individuals who could become invaluable team members.

Come on an enlightening journey with Andrea Bonora, our People Experience Manager. With over a decade of HR experience and a true passion for Employee Experience (EX), Andrea offers insight into how Equinox IT creates its own mythical beings and how you can shift the focus from traditional jargon to a more human-centred approach.

In this discussion, Andrea will share her insights on:

  • Current market trends and her predictions for 2024.
  • How weaving culture and values into your employee offerings can work wonders.
  • Focusing on the human element of hiring.
  • Techniques for unlocking the hidden talents of your existing workforce.

By the end of our conversation, you'll see recruitment in a new light, focusing on real people with remarkable potential rather than chasing mythical creatures. Join us on this journey to find and grow exceptional talent!

Andrea also wrote a companion blog post: Don't hire unicorns—Make them.

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