The human side of change

Equinox IT Principal Consultant Kirsten Eriksen says "I have always found it ironic that working in IT, where everything we do is about enabling a business to change, often our natural skills make us poor change agents.

We're good at using our analytical, logic-based left-brain to analyse, design, deliver and maintain systems and technology but generally poor at the creative, emotion-based right-brain thinking required to help people through the change.

Increasingly, we need IT professionals to understand and advise on the technology, but more importantly, be proficient in working with commercial suppliers and excellent at helping the business transition through the changes that applying technology enables."

In this presentation, Kirsten proposes that IT professionals must evolve to add real value to their businesses. Kirsten will explore a range of approaches sourced from Agile, Lean, neuroscience, organisational development and change management practices to give you new tools to become a "human-centred" change agent.

You will come away with an understanding of:

  • How the human brain reacts to and assimilates change
  • How humans form beliefs
  • Several change management techniques
  • Where to go for more in-depth information.

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